Speed bumps and logic crashes in Peachtree City


Government excess and illogic on display in PTC. We use hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars to maintain our multi-use paths. Over time the paths have tree roots under them that push the asphalt up, creating a bumpy ride that requires slowing down. After the repairs we are all grateful for the smooth ride.

Now, for some reason the city government has decided that these newly smoothed trails require speed bumps every few hundred yards. Seems to me that a more cost effective move would have been to do nothing … same result!

I guess I missed this item on the Council agendas. What started as a few bumps in the Battery Way sunset viewing area (which, given the scores of parked carts and often hundreds of people made sense) has suddenly become a contest to see how many speed bumps can be installed in one season. It`s like weeds popping up or the ground vines in Stranger Things. It really seems that every time I go out for a ride there are more bumps. This is not an improvement over root bulges!

Should we follow the money? Does someone in our government have a family member who makes speed bumps? Did the golf cart repair shops on Huddleston Road get together to push for such a move guaranteed to increase suspension repairs?

Or, is this just a typical ham-handed response to those who choose to drive too fast on the trails? I’ve written in the past about how many dangerous drivers (most, but not all teens) there are out there. A reasonable response from government might be to use our well-funded and well-staffed police department to enforce the laws and actually ticket dangerous drivers. But, turns out that turning our 100 miles of paths into the world’s longest parking lot experience made better sense.

Hold on to your drinks, folks; make sure your dentures are secure; belt in your kids. Our local government is here to help. All I know is that I am considering wearing an athletic cup when riding the trails now!

Alan Felts

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. A current on-line petition has nearly 800 signatures in favor of removing these “excessive” speed bumps in PTC. My issue though is they put them in place without giving proper notification (or a current sign marker) and damn, hitting that first one at dusk with a light rain falling was a jolt to my system and spine. Hey PTC, how about a heads up to all concerned before and after their installation? Some of us hate surprises, especially numerous ones in areas that quite frankly were not really needed.

      • The petition is on-line at … change [dot] org … set up by a Ms. Thomason titled “Remove Excessive Speed Bumps.” There’s over a 1,000 signed on at the moment. I would provide the direct link here but that usually requires 24 hrs. wait period before the Citizen checks and clears it for use. There’s also another petition concerning “Protect Access to PTC’s Multi Use Paths.” I’m guessing both links can be found on local FB by now too. Sorry, I’m not a FB person (thank you very much!).

  2. I am in favor of having ALL bicycle riders be required to ‘operate’ ONLY TRI-CYCLES instead and wear HEAVY DUTY KEVLAR COMBAT HELMETS as well! In addition to reckless and irresponsible golf cart drivers, these bicycle TORMENTORS are among the ABSOLUTE WORST VIOLATORS of the pathway safety rules and they clearly do not give a damn about the safety concerns of pedestrians who use the paths as well. I’m putting you ALL on my ‘LIST’! 😡 🤬 🤯

  3. Here’s an idea, in the interest of safety, let’s put speedbumps in the neighborhood streets running parallel to that path with the same spacing and frequency that the cart path has. Teenagers drive cars too.

  4. Efforts to slow drivers down is one thing. An over abundance of speed bumps is a nuisance.

    If PTC is looking to make the cart paths so uncomfortable that people avoid driving carts all together, then we are headed in the right direction. We’ll just use our cars and contribute to the traffic problems.

    I think some common sense in regards to the number of speedbumps is needed. Perhaps a study into diminishing safety returns after a certain amount of speedbumps per distance is in order.

  5. Any attempt to slow the fast cart drivers is ok with me. We have an overpopulated city and about 20,000 carts, many driven by outsiders who moved to PTC and have no situational awareness of the path or its rules
    Lots of young “skulls full of mush” behind the wheel driving superfast carts on iPhones.

    I also ride a bike and have no issue with the baby speed bumps.

    Thank you PTC for trying to save pedestrians, too.

  6. I am so glad that I’m not alone. The speed bumps they employed are dangerous and are single minded. Where was the community input? This affects both bicyclists and those who use jogger strollers.

  7. I don’t feel like driving to Battery way anymore. It’s very unpleasant driving down that way now. It’s a shame as it was probably the most beautiful path the city had. Should the speed bumps expand to the rest of the network, I’ll have to consider selling my cart.

  8. Arthur, I must say that you are one of the few cyclists that stops for anything. I watched two older women out on the parkway this morning rolled straight through a four-way stop at McIntosh.It’s unfortunate but it seems that most cyclists interpret laws to fit their convenience.

  9. I agree with the person that wrote this article we need some speed bumps but they are getting ridiculous now every time I go out I see at least five new speed bumps in stupid locations before too long I had to go to the chiropractor 😡😡

  10. I use the path for cycling, and the bumps are even worse for those users. Starting and stopping over every bump is not only painful, but very wearing.

    Some of these started when a older high school teenager, who was encouraged to wear safety wear by his mother, but didn’t, hurt himself. While I don’t want anyone to be hurt unnecessarily, we can’t wrap every child in bubble wrap. This family, who didn’t even live in Peachtree City, went on a campaign to force Peachtree City residents to pay for installing and live with these speed bumps, even though they were the ones who were unsafe.

    Where does it end? Do we continue to put speed bumps on every hill on every path until the entire system is completely useless for actual for carts and bikes?

    There are other ways to address this.