Daigre tops Mosley in Democrat runoff for School Board Post 4

Dr. Regina Daigre

Regina Daigre will be the Democrat candidate for Fayette County Board of Education Post 4 in this fall’s general election.

She defeated Patty Mosley 64% (1,086 votes) to 36% (609 votes) in the lone local primary election runoff on the Fayette ballot.

Daigre defeated Mosley in all 11 precincts comprising District 4, the northernmost Fayette voting district that borders Fulton and Clayton counties.

In the November general election, Daigre will face Dr. William Yarde, who ran unopposed in the May primary for the Post 4 Republican nomination.

Incumbent Leonard Presberg declined to seek reelection to the post.


  1. “Doon June 30, 2022 at 1:38 pm

    Speaking of funny [ISTAND], since we are communicating under a headline article about a school board position here, you would think to use the word “principals” and principles correctly; in order to demonstrate a reasonable command and use of the English language that your educational system provided you. So in order to dummy-it down for you since you got it wrong twice, remember the principal is your “pal.” Others on this thread, probably not so much.”

    Yes,…focus on the wording mistakes instead of the message. You can’t see the forest for the trees. Deflection from the real issues is the game of libs..

  2. ISTANDFORTHEFLAG isn’t far from the facts. District 4 was established to provide blacks an opportunity to elect blacks. That’s why the NAACP lawsuit. Was it a good thing? I don’t know. I just wish we could come together and elect the best people to serve in our governments without racial or other ethnic considerations.

    • Are you asserting that African Americans can’t be the “best people”? Yeah, let’s just keep electing white conservatives, ya know, because they are a majority. To hell with everyone else.

      You people are some of the most disgusting creatures I’ve ever had the displeasure of conversing with.

      • I think “Best People” refers to those who are conservatively minded and govern with limited government in mind, like we do here in Fayette County….and not Democrats. Unfortunately, the NAACLP (National Ass for the Adv of Colored Liberal People) are run by the Democratic machine….and thats not who we want. And thats who brought the lawsuit to create a specifically racial type of district.

      • Dawn Haddocks. In reference to your above question, “Are you asserting that African Americans can’t be the “best people”?,” the answer is an emphatic NO! What is it that allows the bile to flow from your pen? Have you been so scarred that your ego twists facts to allow you to justify some immaturely developed social stance or position? If you think I may possibly be offended by your response, you are correct. I am offended.

        • Why are you offended? You thought nothing of writing this line “District 4 was established to provide blacks an opportunity to elect blacks.” Really? You say this and then a few lines later spit out ” I just wish we could come together and elect the best people to serve in our governments without racial or other ethnic considerations”. You’re ignorant. You have a hard time dealing with diversity, so you belittle those that want something other than your regressive conservative values. As far as you’re concerned, since most of Fayette County is conservative, too bad for those that aren’t. It’s been past time for you, and those like you, to loosen your death grip on your pearls and start living in reality.

          To add further and reiterate, your “best people” line is completely subjective. What you may think is the best, most definitely is not the same for someone else. When are people like you going to realize that there’s a reason we think differently? Balance! No party should have it their way all the time. I tend to enjoy some fiscal conservative values and employ them in my own life, but I also lean liberal with social views. The two can co-exist. No one is ever going to always get what they want and you have to have some inner fortitude to accept it. Every aspect of our lives is constantly in flux – you’re not going to change that. You can get upset and spit nails at the changes, but at the end of the day, you have to accept that nature’s way is balance and nothing is going to stop it.

          • Dawn Haddocks, you seem to self illuminate someone who is ignorantly ugly, blinded by a socially insecure ego obscuring the ability to see facts. Yes, I’m very much offended by you. I didn’t judge or belittle anything other than you; I simply presented the facts. You have clearly shown, “you can’t handle the truth.”

          • In response to Dawn Haddocks’ statement (posted July 2, 2022 at 12:37 pm): Are you irrational, stupid, illiterate, or suffer from some other inability to read and appropriately respond? I should thank you for the post; I no longer feel offended.

            A lawsuit was filed by the NAACP in August 2011 against Fayette County and the Fayette County Board of Education (FCBOE). The lawsuit claims that the current at-large voting system used for the county commission and the board of education “weakens the voting strength of minority voters, and consequently denies those voters an opportunity to elect a candidate of their choice.” The Fayette County Board of Commissioners approved a settlement plan for the district voting lawsuit just before midnight at the end of the Jan. 14 (2016) regular meeting. The FCBOE had previously agreed to settle.

            I originally stated, “ISTANDFORTHEFLAG isn’t far from the facts. District 4 was established to provide blacks an opportunity to elect blacks. That’s why the NAACP lawsuit.”

            I offered no opinion as to whether I agreed, disagreed, favored, disfavored, or otherwise cared about the lawsuit. I did state, “I just wish we could come together and elect the best people to serve in our governments without racial or other ethnic considerations.”

            Again, I no longer feel offended. In this dialog, I only feel remorse for having to put up with the ignorantly ugly.

          • Doug, I could care less if you are offended or you aren’t. I now realize you don’t even know your own offense and honestly, I’m getting to the point where I don’t care. Maybe it’s your age or your upbringing. Maybe it’s willful ignorance – who knows? Whatever it is, I don’t believe there’s any value that could even be enhanced.

  3. Various Headlines:

    “(CNN)Major crimes in New York City spiked nearly 60% in February compared to the same month in 2021 — a large majority occurring in a small swath of the metropolis — as Mayor Eric Adams rolled out his plan to combat gun violence and crime in the city.”

    “(CBS News) Homicides in major American cities ticked up in 2021, with a 5% increase from 2020 and a 44% increase over 2019, according to a new analysis of crime trends released Tuesday by the Council on Criminal Justice (CCJ).

    The study drew on crime data from 22 cities nationwide — including Atlanta, Detroit, Baltimore, Chicago, Denver, Memphis, San Francisco, Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia — and found an additional 218 murders last year, compared to 2020. And while the overall increase in the homicide rate slowed murder rates in St. Petersburg, Florida, (108%) and Austin (86%) skyrocketed, while Washington, D.C., (16%) also recorded a notable increase.”

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    Of the dozen cities that have already surpassed the grim milestones for killings, five topped records that were set or tied just last year.”

      • And who runs major inner cities? Democrats and libs. Since the “summer of love” riots, and killings…and with the backing of Democrat politicians….defunding the police has been a disaster…

        • Did you ever try to come up with some unbiased reasons why major cities are Democrat led? Do you ever try to analyze reality vs. some political or personal opinion BS? If you have or are willing to discuss issues in a sane manner – I’m game.

          • Dawn, A better question might be: why don’t you live in your blue utopia (the city) with it’s superb democrat leadership?

          • I realize I was addressing my question to ISFTF, but as usual, you chime in deflecting while simultaneously telling me that my question isn’t good enough to answer. Why is that? Are you afraid to dig below the surface and actually critically think?

          • Since you don’t believe anybody that doesn’t agree with you can’t have an original idea, I figured you might trust your own answer.

            Why do our cities vote blue? Because the people that vote red don’t want to live in the cesspool that the democrats have created and have moved out. And the people that lived there now are dependent on the government for their survival. They don’t have a way out. Perhaps you are the one that can’t think critically as I think the answer was rather obvious.

          • Wow, deep answer. People that vote red don’t want to live in cities. Tell me something I didn’t already know.

  4. Mr. Glass – you don’t have to watch the networks. St. Fiction here obviously watches Fox news and the commentaries more than everyone here combined. Guess we that don’t watch it have to take his word on what is driving some of these posts.

    • It amazes me the libs who rail against Fox news. It is the only conservative TV news outlet, and yet the the libs have their CBS, ABC,NBC, MSNBC, CNN,ESPN (political lib now).

      And yet…Foxnews beats all of these other fake news outlets in ratings every time. CNN is below HGTV. Considering CNN hung their hat on stating undercover investigation…that their news will only reflect their desire to get Trump. How can anyone honestly take seriously what they report after admitting they have an agenda…and not reporting the news…

        • So apparently (to libs/Dems) success is not really success…that giving trophies and recognizing the best at something is wrong and does not give a true picture of success. Case in point, the new Top Gun movie..which is about patriotism, American military might, the defense of our country, waving our flag, and without all the wokeness of Hollywood. topping nearly 1Billion at the box office. Libs hate this movie and yet chaulk up its success to everything else BUT the real talking points I just mentioned.

          • I ask again, did you ever really wonder why Fox News has great ratings? Can you answer the question?

            I haven’t seen the remake of Top Gun, but I enjoyed the original and intend to see the new one. You actually believe that all liberals hate the movie? You have a twisted sense of reality that defies logic.

      • Yeah [ISTAND], Justin Bieber has high ratings too, doesn’t mean he’s good, talented or legit either. Yep, many people tune into Fox News (just like the Biebs) because of what they want to hear and completely dismiss what they should be hearing.

  5. District 4 follows Board of Commissioners District 4 which was created a few years ago because the Democrats could not get one of their own elected to the Board of Commissioners

    So the NAACP sued Fayette County for racial discrimination, never mind the fact that Fayette is a Republican conservative county and any color liberal Democrat would not stand a change. Hence, the racial card. The District is gerrymandered to such an extent the lines were drawn to encircled black/Democratic neighborhoods.

    Fayette County should have continued the lawsuit at the time instead of settling.

    I support Yarde in all his beliefs except Common Core. Good luck to him….

    • Yes, it is not about race, it is about policies and Democrats have lousy policies. If you want top notch schools, and better quality of living, you don’t move to Democrat ran counties or school districts. Since there are no conservative Democrats anymore, it is we the people’s best bet to vote conservative like a Republican, Trumplican, Constitutionalist, or Libertarian even, but NEVER vote Democrat anymore if you value things like: low crime, safe parks, lower taxes, better quality of life, better schools, and freedom. Don’t let Fayette county go in the gutter like some surrounding counties have. And God forbid, if any candidate is funded by George Soros and his political organizations, don’t vote for that person. We need conservatives at every level of government because having a conservative president or majority congress means nothing at the local level if you have Democrats ruining your local community. Fill up those school boards, and mayor’s offices, and city councils, and county commission offices with as many conservatives as you can.

          • Sorry Spy. When these posters like Kathleen type unfiltered hyperpartisan rhetoric they heard from Tucker Carlson last night, there is no other way to describe it. One must call them out.

            Do you suppose that asking them to see the world in anything except these most simplistic terms would work? I doubt it.

            I’ll call a spade a spade. Thank you.

          • Spy. Do you really think that Laura Ingram is going to explain to Kathleen that violent crime rates are far less now than when Ronald Reagan was in the White House? Do you think that Sean Hannity is going to acknowledge that school performance is almost completely a function of parental education and income, not the local school board? Is anyone at Fox going to report that school performance in deep red states is always at the bottom of the rankings because of poverty – not because of Republicans or Democrats?

            Social conservatives like Kathleen, Trey, and countless others on this blog seem allergic to complexity. They find a convenient anecdotal heuristic – gleaned from limited personal experience or fed to them by a partisan news source or a like-minded ideologue – on which they base an overarching explanation of how the world works.

            By the way, liberals do this as well, but not nearly as regularly as conservatives on The Citizen blog.

          • I don’t watch any national network. Wes myself…they are in the. Only making business, not the news business…

            IMHO, your line just gets old…it doesn’t fit everyone who doesn’t exactly see eye to eye with you.

          • Wow, that last comment got totally messed up.

            I was saying the National networks are in the money making business, not the news business.

            3rd lay, can we say Spade anymore?

      • Kathleen, perhaps young, clearly eschews the neo-conservative platform policies and principles of her parents – for the more far-right party ideals, that believe that they are under attack by multicultural social forces; demonized as socialists, liberalists, and the like. She further invokes George Soros, a foreign-born, very wealthy Jewish liberal and philanthropist … and his “political organizations.” Her rhetoric has clear overtones back to the 1930s and that “other” far-right political party that had clear cultural and socio-economic issues with their democratic government (Weimar Republic) both locally and nationally. Hey Stranger, just calling a “die Schaufel – a die Schaufel.”

        • And yet…Fayette County (and most of Georgia) is governed by conservative principals (not Republican principals) of limited government, low taxes, no handouts.

          Funny how libs will leave an area that is so messed up by Democrat bureaucracy and mismanagement…and move to an area with low taxes and good conservative management, and then vote the exact same way they did in the place they just left. California comes to mind…and all the libs moving to Fayette County.

          • Speaking of funny [ISTAND], since we are communicating under a headline article about a school board position here, you would think to use the word “principals” and principles correctly; in order to demonstrate a reasonable command and use of the English language that your educational system provided you. So in order to dummy-it down for you since you got it wrong twice, remember the principal is your “pal.” Others on this thread, probably not so much.

        • Could you be anymore snooty and snotty Dawn? You are everything I hate about Democrats. You assume you are superior and know more. You think only your life experiences matter. You think your way of thinking is the right way. Well, as somebody who grew up in Clayton County and lived there when it was low crime and when it was high crime, I can tell you NOBODY can enjoy their life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness in a high crime area. And George Soros directly funds Democrat mayors, prosecutors, judges, etc., who believe in being lenient on criminals no matter how violent they are. I have been a crime victim several times while living in Clayton County. If Democrats keep up their nonsense about hating cops and treating criminals like victims there isn’t going to be anywhere nice and safe for people to move to anymore. And we also have a lot of drug cartel people living and working in the suburbs now, in nice neighborhoods. It is ridiculous what the federal, state, and local governments put us through when all they have to do is follow the laws we have on the books already. Democrat policies are NOT working, and Democrats refuse to change their ways. I don’t know why we even have to pay the salaries of prosecutors, judges, and politicians who don’t do their jobs and follow our laws. American’s safety should not depend on if they are lucky enough or rich enough to live in an area ran by conservatives. All counties should be tough on crime. Poor people don’t like living in high crime areas either unless they are criminals.