Calls to Peachtree City police result in 5 arrests


Here’s a tip for local motorists: If you get a call from law enforcement to come get a friend’s car, make sure you are licensed to drive it.

Failure to follow that simple rule led to multiple arrests during a routine traffic stop May 6 in the area of Hwy. 74 and Kedron Drive, according to Peachtree City police.

An expired tag was the reason for the initial stop, a police report indicated. Police determined that the driver had an active warrant from an agency in Ohio. Once the warrant was confirmed, Patrick Gorman, 27 of Pennsylvania was arrested.

Because the passenger in the car did not have a valid driver’s license, a phone call was made for a licensed driver to come get the vehicle. But the driver who arrived also did not have a valid license. Since he drove anyway to get there, he — William Gorman, 20, of Pennsylvania — was arrested for driving with a suspended license.

Elsewhere in Peachtree City, employees in the area of The Avenue reported to police May 7 regarding a suspicious person making suggestive comments to female employees as they were closing a business. The suspect was located by police near Books-A-Million and found to have an extensive criminal history as well as non-extraditable warrants out of Florida.

Based on the circumstances and probable cause established at the scene, Payton Strain, 25, of Atlanta was taken into custody for loitering and prowling and taken to jail.

Officers responded May 7 to Home Depot in reference to a suspicious subject. They made contact with the suspect who was attempting to leave the property with unpaid merchandise. Howard Patterson, 42, of Griffin was arrested and taken to the Fayette County Jail for shoplifting.

An officer responded May 9 to a location near N. Hwy. 74 regarding a physical altercation. Video footage was available and police spoke with both parties before determining who was the primary aggressor. Lyle Williams, 42, of Sharpsburg was arrested for battery and taken to the Fayette County Jail.


  1. Impressed by the ignorance and willingness to display it to the police in the lead paragraph about the clowns from Pennsylvania…thank you cops for what you do.
    Take a look at the many out of state tags in PTC,,, makes me wonder about those drivers, too.

    • Ditto here to for vics 1966.
      Also, I notice many tags from California. Since I am out and about daily, and very observant, I swear, I have seen the same cars with Ca. tags for more than 2 months driving around. Don’t they have 30 days to obtain and declare residency? If they plan on going back west, time to leave.

      • I see your point…but the CA tags might be here working the film industry…. many stagehands are on location 90 days or more for a production…I had a friend who was constantly seeking short term lodging while working on movies.
        I tend to wonder more about the northern state tags.