Incumbent School Board member Hollowell seeks reelection, wants to reduce students’ screen time


I am honored to announce my reelection bid for Fayette County School Board. It has been my privilege to have served our community during the past 8 years, 4 of the years as School Board Chairman, and I am eager to continue the work we have accomplished together.

We have cause for celebration as I proudly share that our high school seniors have been awarded an extraordinary $60 million in scholarship offers, a testament to their hard work and the excellence of our educational programs. Our reputation remains strong, with Niche ranking Fayette 3rd out of 150 public county school systems in Georgia with a grade of A+.

Our whole community — students, teachers, administrators, parents, and everyone supporting our schools — should be proud of our success. To continue to be the best, however, we must acknowledge the challenges that lie ahead.

To that end, I am committed to prioritizing the well-being and academic advancement of every student. Throughout my tenure, my focus has been on fostering student achievement, and attracting AND retaining outstanding teachers.

I want to be clear about what I mean by student achievement. We know students are more than their test scores. I want every student to realize their full potential, whether it be in the classroom, the athletic arena, or writing a song for our record label Hall Pass Entertainment.

I will continue to support work-based learning and our Center of Innovations so students can learn practical skills that are essential for success.

Some parents might be concerned about issues they see in other school systems across the country, but I remain focused on the issues about which Fayette’s parents care.

Recently, I had the pleasure of meeting with the Superintendent’s Parent Advisory Council. One of the issues we discussed was the amount of screen time for our students.

I firmly believe we need to reduce screen time on our Chromebooks, especially within our elementary schools. Emerging data underscores the adverse effects of excessive screen exposure.

I look forward to working with the Superintendent and my fellow Board members to move us in that direction.

I own and operate a successful financial advisory business in Peachtree City and have lived in Fayette County for 20 years. My daughters attended Kedron Elementary, J.C. Booth Middle School, and McIntosh High School.

I am asking for your vote to the Fayette County School Board so that together, we can continue this important work.

Scott Hollowell

Chair, Fayette County Board of Education


  1. I applaud your interest in reducing screen time for our students, Mr. Hollowell. How about ZERO Chromebook time during the school day? Chromebooks shouldn’t be used as substitutes for teachers. They may serve a purpose for homework. They don’t belong at school.