Bus brings learning adventure to Inman


A special bus made learning extra memorable at Inman Elementary with a visit from GABIE (Great American Bus Interactive Education) Adventures. The fun came to the students as the 2nd grade enjoyed an in-house field trip to explore the STEAM experience.

The bus featured several fascinating exhibits. For one section, students learned the importance of planting plants to become self-sufficient. A demonstration allowed students to compare and contrast the results of growing a plant in a greenhouse versus in an area that only receives natural sunlight. Instructors used colored water and celery stalks to demonstrate how a plant absorbs water. Each student also got to plant their own plant.

The static electricity section tied into their study of pollination. Students learned how bees pollinate crops by using static electricity provided by the hair on their legs. Using glitter as pollen, the class used balloons and their own hair to become bees and raced to see who could pollinate the most.

“We love that our students were able to learn their content standards in an abstract way,” said 2nd grade teacher Emily Burns. “Students were immediately able to apply their learning. They loved planting their own seeds and learning about the importance of pollination.”

— Provided by the Fayette County School System.

Fun came to Inman Elementary as 2nd graders enjoyed an in-house field trip to explore a STEAM bus with lessons on plants and bees.