The Fayette School System reminds citizens about the E-SPLOST renewal vote now underway


As Fayette County voters go to the polls for the primary election on May 24, they will be asked to vote on the continuation of the Education Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (E-SPLOST) for Fayette County Public Schools.

The E-SPLOST is a one-penny sales tax that expires every five years, the current E-SPLOST was approved by voters November 2017.

This is not a new tax, it is the continuation of the E-SPLOST already in place. It does not impact property taxes. E-SPLOST collects equally from property owners, non-property owners and non-residents of Fayette who spend money in our county.

E-SPLOST funds are used for capital improvements such as classroom additions, renovations, improvements to schools and buildings, as well as to upgrade technology, improve safety and security, and purchase equipment, school buses, and textbooks. It cannot be used for salaries.

More information about the E-SPLOST renewal is available on the Fayette County Public Schools website ( under “District Announcements,” and also via a special E-SPLOST video.

All Fayette County citizens are encouraged to be informed and to exercise their right to vote on May 24, 2022. Polling locations can be found by going to Georgia’s My Voter Page.


  1. We have declining enrollment and ever increasing budgets disproportionately! We build and then sell one school at a50% discount to cost – who cares, taxpayers paid. Now we build a school we don’t need in an unworkable place.


  2. At this point in time I do not think I am going to vote to continue supporting the E-SPLOST. Most Georgia school districts have to rely on E-SPLOST for capital funding needs; our State fails to adequately support our public education desires, though I think most needs are met. That is just what many of these E-SPLOST funded items are, BOE desires. Needs are another thing. I have never (after 29 years) been impressed with the Fayette County Board of Education’s (FCBOE’s) efforts to justify their budget needs with the citizens. Whereas I have continually supported resourcing FCBOE’s capital spending requirements through property taxes, E-SPLOST(s), and buying “band candy,” I have also continually experienced the proliferation of FCBOE’s indifference to the taxpayers. With this last year’s FCBOE debacle and the inability to fully plan and coordinate the Booth Middle School project, I drew my line in the sand. I want the FCBOE to tangibly justify their expenditures against needed (not emotionally desired) outcomes.

  3. Why do we pay Property Taxes if we are then going to be asked to approve EVEN MORE TAXES to support this OVERSPENDING and MONEY WASTING Fayette County Board of Education with even MORE EXTRAVAGANCE? I will NOT SUPPORT this latest extension of yet another E-SPLOST! ENOUGH ALREADY! 😡