E-SPLOST gets endorsement from Fayette Chamber of Commerce


The Fayette Chamber of Commerce released this statement April 29 in support of the E-SPLOST renewal

“The Fayette Chamber of Commerce endorses the E-SPLOST tax in Fayette County. Our school system continues to excel on state and national levels. Fayette County’s pride and joy is vital to keeping and bringing in excellent healthcare, businesses and a better way of life for our citizens.

“The May special election is less than a month away in Fayette County, and on the ballot is the Education Special Local Option Sales Tax, or E-SPLOST.

“E-SPLOST is not a new tax. It is the continuation of a one cent sales tax that has been approved by voters since 2004. How does it work? It is a penny tax charged on anyone who makes a purchase in Fayette County. The school system uses these funds for educational expenses like renovations, new schools and updated technology.

“’The E-SPLOST tax is important for our school system to stay competitive,’ said Colin Martin, President and CEO of Fayette Chamber of Commerce.

“’Our current E-SPLOST funded all classrooms in Fayette County to upgrade technology. Textbooks and new school buses have been purchased. The Georgia Code only allows E-SPLOST to fund what voters approve, so if you vote “yes,” you will be approving facilities projects, technology improvements, textbooks and digital resources, bus replacements and classroom furniture/equipment and safety/security.’

“The Fayette County School system has a page with more information at https://www.fcboe.org/esplost.”


  1. We have decreasing enrollment and significant increasing budgets. We build unneeded schools in unworkable places. We increase non teaching staff.

    Enough is enough. DO NOT VOTE FOR THIS!

  2. I will NOT BE VOTONG IN FAVOR of this continuing tax. When will the Fayette County Board Of Education learn to live within the confines of its EVER INCREASING BUDGET like the rest of us MERE MORTALS?