Peeples goes international with Cultural Fridays


The Peeples Rockets are proud of where they come from. With Cultural Fridays, Peeples Elementary ESOL teacher Kimberly Hemmings helps her students become more confident in themselves while sharing what makes them each special.

The “Show and Tell Me Your Culture” presentations allow English Language Learners in kindergarten through 5th grade to learn more about each other’s heritage.

“I hope that our Rocket Leaders gain an additional sense of pride in their own cultures, as well as an appreciation and respect for other cultures,” said Hemmings. “In addition to building confidence, this activity is an excellent way for students to practice their speaking, listening, and questioning skills. I am thrilled to see how these useful language building skills are being transferred to their other classes!”

Highlighted countries included Poland, Japan, Puerto Rico, South Korea, and Mexico. Some of the things students shared were a demonstration on how to make Mexican tortillas; a presentation on Puerto Rico’s flag, currency, and animals; general facts about the country of Poland; and the various seasons in Japan.

“The students especially loved sampling Polish candy, Mexican tortillas, and the seaweed that one of our Japanese students shared, which is one of his favorite snacks.”

Hemmings shared the students’ excitement.

“Many of the students were so excited about their presentations, that they also shared their presentations with their homeroom teacher and classmates,” she said. “I was so excited to see how this activity helped to increase the confidence of my students. Students who were normally very shy and soft spoken got up in front of their classmates and spoke loudly and proudly about their cultures.

— Provided by the Fayette County School System.