Knights study parts of a plant with scavenger hunt


The best way to learn about plants is with hands-on lessons. All of the Kedron kindergarteners took to the courtyard and surrounding areas near the school to complete a plant scavenger hunt and study the world around them.

Taking advantage of a sunny day, classes went on a scavenger hunt where they looked for all of the different parts of plants, like the stem, leaves, and flower.

Teacher Lisa Francisco hopes the students grow a fascination with plant life.

“Students become scientists who make observations and check off their list,” she said. “I hope the kindergartners discover that, even though plants are different, the parts of the plants are basically the same and they work hard to keep the plants alive.”

— Provided by the Fayette County School System.

All Kedron kindergarteners took to the outdoors for a plant scavenger hunt, studying the different parts of a plant.