Sweet Tea Yoga raises over $2500 for Ukraine

Sweet Tea Yoga
Sweet Tea Yoga class raises money to support Ukraine. Photo/Tiffany Woods

The Peachtree City based Sweet Tea Yoga community came together on March 16, 2022 to raise money for volunteers helping Ukrainians facing three weeks of war. A donation-based class was held in the popular Peachtree City studio, led by Renee Morris, a celebrated instructor with a passion for helping others in need.

Since the start of the war, Yana A., a local Peachtree City resident from Ukraine, has been raising funds to send directly to her friends who are volunteering in Ukraine and on the borders to help refugees. Yana is able to get the funds to her contacts to immediately purchase and distribute food, medical supplies, blankets, and gasoline for travel. Yana shares these images on social media to remind others of the immediate needs of Ukrainians, and to show how dollars are directly supporting these efforts in a quick and meaningful way.

The Sweet Tea Yoga community came together earlier this month to support Yana and her native country by joining the “Run for Ukraine” event hosted by the running and triathlon community. While gathering together on Drake Field, the idea was born to hold a donation yoga session specifically to fundraise for Yana’s efforts. Sweet Tea Yoga called upon the community to step forward, and they did in a big way. Funds immediately began to pour in and spots filled for the class.

Before and after the class, students introduced themselves to Yana and shared with her how grateful they were to have a small opportunity to help Ukraine. And Yana addressed the class to thank them for being there to support her, as well as thanking everyone for the money that she could send back to her home country.

Sweet Tea Yoga
(L-R) Sweet Tea Yoga owner Sarah Ruiz, instructor Renee Morris, Yana A., Tiffany Woods. Photo/Tiffany Woods

As Renee led the class, she shared with students, “It is not just about individual health, but rather community health. We are here to support Yana and all those in Ukraine.” Sweet Tea Yoga Owner, Sarah Ruiz, shared her gratefulness to the participants for showing up to rally around Yana, and that this was the heart of the studio – community-based action.

Due to the success of the fundraising efforts, Sweet Tea Yoga is going to continue accepting donations into the near future for Yana’s volunteers in Ukraine. Cash or checks can be dropped off at the studio.