Flat Rock builds better sentences


They’re building firm foundations of learning at Flat Rock Middle. To practice varying structure, Pagianna Boykin led her 6th grade language arts students through a “constructing sentences” workshop.

Students “constructed” compound and complex sentences using colored blocks as indicators for subordinating and coordinating conjunctions. After instruction on how to construct compound and complex sentences using the simple sentences, the students got hands-on experience of how to recognize and reconfigure the sentences.

Boykin bought the building blocks with the help of a grant from the Fayette County Education Foundation.

“I hope students can understand that writing doesn’t always come naturally. There are times when you have to put in work to articulate your voice so that your audience understands the message,” said Boykin. “A lot of them come in really disliking writing, but when they understand it’s a concept you can practice to improve, they are motivated!”

Students “constructed” compound and complex sentences using colored blocks.