Coney the groundhog to predict 2022 Super Bowl winner at The Avenue Peachtree City on Groundhog Day

Coney the groundhog rests up for his Super Bowl prediction on Feb. 2

Coney the groundhog, from ZooPro Adventures, is visiting The Avenue Peachtree City and will predict the winner of the 2022 Super Bowl.

Coney the groundhog will make his prediction of who will win the 2022 Super Bowl by running to the balloon of the team he believes will win — the Bengals or the Rams. Attendees will also have the opportunity to pet Coney as well as learn more about his family lineage and lifestyle. The event is free and open for all ages to enjoy.

The event will be on Groundhog Day, Wednesday, Feb. 2 from noon to 1 p.m. at The Avenue Peachtree City Fire Pit, 239 City Circle, Peachtree City.

The fire pit is located between Ici Paris Day Spa & Salon and Highland Bakery & Kitchen.