Peeples students perfect reindeer crafts


Some very talented Rockets could have a future in Santa’s workshop. Tabatha Schwanbeck’s 4th grade class at Peeples Elementary showed how handy they could be by making cute (and tasty) reindeer crafts.

Building on lessons about balance, the activity created by a parent-volunteer had students use food materials to construct a reindeer. Students had to balance different food items (swiss cake roll, Reese’s cup, pretzels, and candy canes) in order for the reindeer to stand up. They created a design where the reindeer was sledding on his stomach with his legs in the front and back of him and another where the reindeer was ice skating and slipped on the ice with his feet out to his side.

Schwanbeck loved seeing her class put their knowledge of balance to practice.

“We hope the students took away that the force of gravity can make it hard to balance objects. The students created different ways to make their reindeer when balancing wasn’t working.”