REACH rings in Christmas with gingerbread houses


The REACH program has caught the holiday spirit. They spent the week before the break enjoying a schedule filled with festive fun. Students decorated cookies and built gingerbread houses, and they also enjoyed a holiday lunch and ice cream with their friends at their worksite at the city of Fayetteville City Hall. As if that wasn’t enough fun, they finished off the week with a gift exchange. The REACH program is definitely ready for Christmas!

REACH is a program for students with developmental disabilities ages 18-21 that helps them get into the workforce and become independent and productive citizens. Through partnerships with various businesses in the county, they spend one to two days a week working alongside employees performing various duties. These students were previously in the school system’s Community Based Vocational Instructional program at their high schools, and were recommend for REACH by their teachers because they have shown independence and self-discipline. Photo/Fayette County School System.