Flat Rock buzzing over bee lessons


Flat Rock Middle is buzzing with their newfound knowledge about bees. Sarah Thompson, STEAM Careers teacher and a beekeeper, took her mobile teaching station to classes across grade levels to teach students all about bees.

Students learned to tell the difference between bees and wasps, bee life cycle, hive life, and the basics of beekeeping. She brought in honey comb from her hives, and the students got to try on her beekeeper suit, look at honeycomb under the microscope, inspect an empty hive box, and taste honey straight from the comb.

Thompson was thrilled to be able to share her passion with students.

“I love working amongst the bees and listening to their buzzing, and I love to watch them work,” said Thompson. “I want to share with students that (as long as they are not allergic) there is no reason to be afraid of bees. I want them to know all the many reasons why bees are so important to us and ways that we can help them. I also want to give them a new way to connect with nature and the natural world around them.”