FCHS band ready to rock with new instruments

A generous gift from Little Kids Rock and the Niagara Bottling water company supplied the Fayette County High band program with a wealth of new equipment.

The band program at Fayette County High is already one of the best in the state, and they’re about to get even better. Thanks to a generous donation from Little Kids Rock, the Tigers have a bunch of new instruments to really rock.

Little Kids Rock, a national music education non-profit organization that serves children and teachers all over, presented a program-changing donation of instruments with the help of a generous gift from the Niagara Bottling water company. The massive donation includes 2 full-size keyboards and stands, 2 microphones and stands, 3 amps, 3 electric guitars, 2 electric basses, 15 mini Casio keyboards with adapters, a sound system, and a 5-piece drum set. The new equipment will enhance the school’s marching band, concert band, symphonic band, wind ensemble, and jazz band.

The donation came about through a connection built by Assistant Band Director Jennifer Theilacker. Theilacker first found Little Kids Rock when she was a music teacher in New York City.

“I was researching grants to help me supply my students and schools with instruments, since it was not a part of their current budget. I attended a Little Kids Rock Modern Band Teacher training session, playing guitar for the first time there, then learning electric bass, drums, and refreshing my skills on keyboard,” she said. “After attending that training, they equipped me to teach modern band classes in the south Bronx, as well as my school in Brooklyn, fully funding a guitar class and after-school modern band program.”

She became an advocate for Little Kids Rock and their modern band program and was also a teacher trainer for them.

When she moved to Georgia, Dave Wish, the founder of Little Kids Rock, reached out about the donation opportunity thanks to Niagara Bottling.

“Since Fayette County has such a great reputation already, and a supportive administration, he wanted to help us reach even more students and provide additional instruments to our program,” she said.

Theilacker is thrilled to think about the impact the donation will have on the Tigers.

“This grant will help us reach even more students through music education at Fayette County High School.”

For more information on Little Kids Rock and how to get involved, go to littlekidsrock.org.