Inman Elem. students dissect owl pellets


Inman Elementary students thrive with hands-on learning. As part of their ecosystems unit, Inman 4th graders dissected an owl pellet.

Students in the classes of Samantha Jones and Angie McMillan have been learning how the roles of consumers, producers, and decomposers all play a vital part in the specific ecosystem in which they live. They have also been learning how a food chain and food web works within that ecosystem. To tie the lessons together, students dissected an owl pellet and learned that scientists can see exactly what a particular owl has eaten just from looking at the pellet, including if a new species came to the ecosystem if they found new bones in the pellet.

This offered students a hands-on and real-life approach to what they have been learning.

“They LOVED it! They were a little ‘grossed out’ at first until we read a book, watched a video, and discussed the process and importance of these owl pellets,” said Inman teacher Samantha Jones. “We also discussed how these particular owl pellets have been dried and sanitized before being delivered to us. Once they learned more about exactly what the pellet is, they were engaged and intrigued. They were excited to find actual skulls and bones.”

As part of their ecosystems unit, Inman Elementary 4th graders dissected an owl pellet.