Biden administration racist?


If one wants to critique the Biden administration nowadays, they will find a target-rich environment indeed. Their bungles in nearly every area of civic life have resulted in declines in almost every area, whether it be rising inflation (with an unprecedented increase for August), declining international stature, or political infighting with the states.

But one thing the Biden administration doesn’t get accused of is being racist, and I am wondering why.

After all, according to the Left’s principle of “disparate impact,” if any policy unintentionally has a negative impact on any minority community, it is considered de facto racist or misogynistic or homophobic or Islamophobic. This is the argument behind those who say voter ID laws are racist since they assume that African-Americans will have a harder time getting an ID than others, which to me seems rather racist in and of itself. But I digress.

Everything from our transportation policy to home mortgages to Covid vaccines have been dubbed racist because if you look hard enough, you can find some sort of “disparate impact” on a community of color and thus label such policies, and those who crafted them, as “racist.”

OK. Let’s accept the Left on their terms and look at a few of the Biden policies, starting with inflation. Biden blames it on Covid, but we never saw such inflation under Trump’s tenure when Covid’s impact was arguably worse.

What any thinking person can see is that Biden’s administration has pumped trillions of dollars into the economy to “help” people get through the pandemic. Other policies, like extending additional unemployment benefits and preventing evictions for deadbeats, encouraged people not to work. This has resulted in rising wages to lure people back to work and to constraints on supply, while the amount of money circulating in the economy has grown. Less supply, more money, increasing demand all lead to … inflation!

And whom does inflation affect the most? Poor people. And what group of people tend to have higher poverty rates than the general population? African-Americans (unfortunately). So, if Biden’s policies are disproportionately harming African-Americans by making gas, food, and other basic staples more expensive, could’t we say that his policies are racist??

I don’t know why not.

And what about his new dictatorial vaccine mandate? Won’t it result in some people being fired for refusing to get the vaccine, or in companies laying off employees to cope with additional costs or avoid the 100-employee threshold? Since African-Americans tend to shy away from the vaccine more than the general public (for all sorts of reasons), wouldn’t it be logical to conclude that they would be disparately impacted by a vaccine mandate, and that the costs of that mandate in terms of job losses would disproportionately fall on them??

That would make the policy racist as well.

Conversely, we should label policies that benefit black Americans as at least “not racist” and as positive or even “anti-racist,” right? Given that the black unemployment rate was at its lowest point ever during the Trump administration, and that he pushed through criminal justice reform to reduce the disparate impact of certain laws on African-Americans, I think it would be very safe to say that Trump was NOT a racist and that he, more than Biden, did good for the African-American community.

Of course, you will never hear this sort of thing from the mainstream media or Democratic politicians. In fact, you hear the opposite, in spite of the obvious injury being done to the black community by Biden’s policies and the obvious benefits to the same community by Trump’s.

Such is our topsy-turvy, bizarro world.

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Trey Hoffman–
    Frankly, each letter from you seems to get less charitable and more outlandish.

    As to being less charitable, your choice of words betray any concern you have for those effected by this administration’s policies–“Other policies, like extending additional unemployment benefits and preventing evictions for deadbeats…”. Deadbeats?!

    These are people. People who, due to the economic effects of a global pandemic, are facing unthinkable challenges. They need our help. Not your insults and derision.
    And the last thing we all need is them living on the streets.

    As to your outlandish claims–
    “…I think it would be very safe to say that Trump was NOT a racist and that he, more than Biden, did more for the African-American community.”

    Surely you recall the Unite the Right debacle in Charlottesville.
    And then President Trump’s shocking words.

    Surely you recall the murder of Mr. George Floyd and the angry aftermath.
    And then President Trump’s divisive words.

    Surely you recall the service of John Lewis, icon of the Civil Rights
    And then President Trump’s disrespectful words.

    Yet you call President Biden the obvious racist.
    Last week it was a “buffoon” I believe.
    Go ahead and lob all the insults, if it makes you feel better.
    It’s gonna take more than one a week for me to ever think Biden/Harris are worse than the four shameful years with Trump/Pence.