‘Covid almost killed me; here’s what I should have done’


Medical leadership and our government grossly mismanaged Covid from day 1 and they still do today. This mismanagement is responsible, in my opinion, for hundreds of thousands of the 660,000 dead Americans and it continues today.

The public and most doctors are grossly ignorant today after 19 months on how to recognize and treat Covid early and the results of what happens if you don’t. And because of this ignorance 1,500 Americans will die today and our hospitals will stay overcrowded.

They educated no one and said we have to develop a vaccine to prevent or reduce serious cases and then try to get everyone to take it. Today, over a year and a half later, they still haven’t educated doctors and citizens on early detection and early treatment and the death/hospital numbers continue to grow.

They grow because we are all so ignorant. Most have light symptoms and recover and the rest just die at home or show up at the ER so sick they die anyway or spend weeks getting extraordinary care by overworked staff in overcrowded hospitals.

Sick, I got a Zoom meeting with my doctor’s PA. I was told to get a Covid test and was given a prescription that was useless. Ignorance of Covid by me and my doctor almost killed me and cost me 14 days in ICU and a 2-month recovery at home.

This letter is the result of my search to find out how we both so mismanaged this.

No one in 19 months warned me what I’m screaming daily to anyone that will listen. Not the medical community, the government or the media has made info and early detection available so you can avoid death or hospitalization.

What they repeat over and over is “Get the shot”! I support that, but it’s not stopping 1,500 deaths a day and overcrowded hospitals.

So here is what would have saved me a near-death experience and 2 1/2 months hospital and recovery. It should be on the front page of every newspaper and given out by every doctor and citizen when someone says they are sick. It’s simple and in my opinion will save many.

If you are unvaccinated, you need to be aware the main way Covid will kill you or put you in the ICU is by destroying your lung function.

The longer you wait, the less chance you will survive. Get a pulse oximeter and instantly know how your lungs are performing. They cost $10-$30 online or at your local drug store. If it reads below 95, you need to be talking to a doctor that knows the progression of Covid. Checking early with an oximeter means catching it early when treatment can really help.

Those that didn’t know this — like me — will stay home and self-medicate until they are too far gone to avoid serious hospital stay or death. Even when I contacted my doctor, I got useless advice and useless medication. Until medical leadership educates the doctors and public, all you will be told is “Get the shot.”

Jim Sells

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Everyone seems to forget there are true bad actors in all this, starting with the Chinese government, who knew about the Wuhan lab either intentionally or accidently releasing the virus. The Chinese worked together with the World Health Organization to hide the facts, cover up the situation, for months while the virus spread around the world and killed many people. China was so evil, it banned travel into and out of the Wuhan province within China, but allowed international travel from Wuhan to the rest of the world. Also, don’t forget that the US was funding this virology lab, and that when the French government warned them around 2013-14 that they were not complying with the strict protocol required for a level 5 lab, they just sent the French home and continued to operate in an un-safe and non-compliant lab.

  2. You almost killed yourself.

    I’ve seen your Facebook page. You shamed people for wearing masks. You pushed anti-vax rhetoric. You peddled in fear, uncertainty, and doubt to your nearly 3,000 Facebook followers to fuel your ego. You ignored the ubiquitous warnings to wear masks, you did not social distance, and you avoided getting the vaccine despite being in a high risk group. Then you contracted covid. And let’s be clear: YOU contracted covid. The government didn’t give you covid. The media didn’t give you covid. The doctors didn’t give you covid. You welcomed covid through your own choices. Now accept the responsibility of being wrong with a modicum of humility and honesty.

    • I agree, on one hand I’m glad he’s making a recovery. On the other, he took up a local ICU bed with his self-admitted ignorance. Adding insult to his serious illness, he continues the blame game within his letter here. He calls himself “tough” in another local news story and says, “It’s killing tough guys the fastest …” Ah no Mr. Sells, the virus is killing the unvaccinated, along with the misguided and misinformed the fastest.

      • People like this infuriate me. There’s a lot of misinformation and even outright lies coming from both sides of the debate. I support the right of people to take their own risks. I would prefer people do their research and be informed by what the science says, not what Tucker Carlson or Rachel Maddow says. But however you arrive at your decision, accept the consequences for it.

        What really kills me is that his medical advice on using digital pulse oximetry devices is all wrong. Plenty of COVID patients will be admitted with an SpO2 > 94% if their breathing is labored and their heart rate is elevated. His foolish advise would have vulnerable people staring at their finger when they should be calling 911. Unacceptable.