John (Johnny) Staas, of Peachtree City, Ga.

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John (Johnny) Staas. Photo/Jennifer Staas
John (Johnny) Staas. Photo/Jennifer Staas

John (Johnny) Staas, 8/28/48-4/15/2021 is survived by his wife Mary Staas of 20 years, his first wife of 30 years and mother of his children Bette Kasch, son Mark Staas, daughter Jenny Staas, grandchildren Cory and Emma Staas, brother Doug Staas and sister Becky Grohoske.

A friend to all with wit and compassion for everyone, he brought laughter to many. In school, he maintained a 4.0 GPA (Valedictorian), served as the Class President, editor for the paper, and Varsity Football, Baseball, Basketball and Track which awarded him a scholarship to NYU.

Yet, he felt the need to serve his country at the time and instead enlisted into the Army. He won a position on the drill team, detouring his stint with the Charlie Company headed for Vietnam. From that team, he was selected to serve as one of two Presidential Guards for Lyndon B. Johnson and Richard Nixon.

Later he went on to Delta Airlines and worked his way up to head Delta’s ticketing and baggage claim, and eventually a financial analyst where he invented and implemented the electronic ticketing system which is ubiquitous today.

Both his career, and passion for golf led him to Peachtree City where he raised his family. His dedication and passion for the sport enabled him to land two hole in ones! A rare feat, while working and raising his family.

Forced into an early retirement because as a result of 9/11, his career shifted sideways to an esteemed concierge position escorting the military and Major League sports teams around the world. He won the heart of the Philadelphia Phillies team so much they honored him with a World Series ring. Through it all, he remained a dedicated caregiver to his ailing wife and a loving father.

In his memory, he will be honored by a plaque at Arlington National Cemetery.