Peachtree City Warriors girls lacrosse teams battle for top spot in Chattanooga tournament


L to R: Opponent, and Brianna Valadao.

Lead Photo: WARRIOR Black Team (playing in the playoffs last game hoping to go to the FINALS) 

L to R: Warrior Midfielder Sunny McQuade, (opponent behind Sunny), and Warrior Carolyn Stowers also a Midfielder.

2nd Photo: WARRIOR Black Team in white jersey with red shorts is playing Eagle Stix.

This was the Warriors last game on Sunday, July 11th the PLAYOFFS to WIN in the FINAL game.  If the Warriors had won this game they would have been in the FINALS to WIN.

The score was Warriors 4 v.s. Eagle Stix 7.

Warriors Black Team Roster: Jasmine Adkins (D), Sara Bexley (D), Ansli Cannon (Goalie), Catherine Chambers (D), Lily Galloway (D), Sadie Gemmer (A), Charlie Gonds (A), Ariel Grimwade (M), Ellie Hodek (D), Grace Hoekstra (A), Siena Kamal (M), Makena Koelsch (M), Addie Lally (M), Liz Mangin (A), Sunny McQuade (M), Ava O’Clair (D), Cameron Ray (D), Lila Salmons (A), Carolyn Stowers (M), Abby Tournier (A), Brianna Valadao (A), and Molly Wilson (A).

Saturday’s Score:

Warriors 14 (v.s.) Sizzle Select 0

Warriors 5 (v.s.) Angels With Attitude 3

Warriors 5 (v.s.) TN LAX 4

Sunday’s Score:

Warriors 7 (v.s.) TN LAX 1

Warriors 4 (v.s.) Eagle Stix 7

Warriors Black Team Coaches: David King, Kris Beardsley, and Michelle Koelsch.

Photographed and reported by Phyllis Tsarnas-Valadao

More photos from that tournament below: