Students turn trash into lovely Litter Bugs


One person’s trash is another person’s artwork. For Earth Day, Oak Grove Elementary kindergarten students recycled and repurposed unwanted items into their very own Litter Bugs.

The Litter Bug project is an Earth Day STEM activity focused on conservation where students use recycled materials to create a piece of art. After creating the Litter Bugs at home, students presented them to their class and discussed what items they reused for their creations.

Earth Day is a perfect time to bring the Litter Bugs to life as spring is when bugs start buzzing about.

“This activity teaches students how simple everyday items that get thrown away can be used to create something else. It puts their imagination and creativity to a test,” said kindergarten teacher Iris Rodriguez. “They really enjoy it and get so excited to share.”

For an Earth Day project, Oak Grove Elementary kindergarten students recycled trash into Litter Bugs.