Sara Harp Minter student thanks school nurse


On School Nurse Day, one Sara Harp Minter Elementary student wanted to say thank you to someone who makes sure the whole school stays healthy. Nylah, a student in Sherri Harris’s kindergarten class, dressed up as school nurse Donna Lawrence and presented her with a plaque.

“School nurses are important because they make students happy and safe,” said Nylah. “Nurse Donna helps everyone feel better. She makes me feel better, too.”

Lawrence was very touched by the gesture.

“What I love the most about being a school nurse is the hugs from my students and watching them ‘grow’ in many ways throughout their elementary school years,” said Lawrence. “I felt so honored that a parent and student took their time and resources to make me feel so special on School Nurse Day.”

On School Nurse Day, a kindergarten student at Sara Harp Minter Elementary dressed up as the school nurse and presented her with a plaque.