Stacey Abrams funded group that pushed voting machine disinformation in Georgia


A new report revealed that former Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams — a Democrat — has been funding and supporting election disinformation through her voting organization, Fair Fight Action. The Democrat’s efforts at disinformation predate those of then-President Donald Trump. This news was reported Feb. 24 by Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger.

According to the report, Abrams’ Fair Fight Action was one of the largest supporters of the Coalition for Good Governance, “a group that aggressively pushes conspiracy theories about voter fraud in Georgia.”

“Many people think that President Trump’s onslaught on Georgia’s election integrity was new, but outside groups, apparently heavily supported by Stacey Abrams, have been pushing these conspiracy theories for years,” said Secretary of State Raffensperger. “In light of the devastation election disinformation caused on January 6 in Washington, D.C., Abrams needs to finally accept her 2018 election loss and stop funding attacks on Georgia’s election integrity.”

On February 24, The Daily Wire’s Mairead McArdle published a report highlighting the support Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight Action has given to the Coalition for Good Governance (CGG). The report includes a comment from the CGG executive director saying that Fair Fight Action was “the largest single contributor to date” as of January 2019. CGG has also described Fair Fight Action as a “generous donor.” The two groups have hosted joint fundraisers as well.

The report notes that “over the last several years, the group has frequently suggested that Georgia’s election system is unsecure and even corrupt.” CGG has called Georgia’s Dominion Voting System “unauditable and unconstitutional.”

A “litigation summary” on CGG’s website “reiterates its claims of systems-based ‘anomalies’ and ‘misprogramming’” and alleges that the Secretary of State’s office “has obstructed all efforts to conduct forensic examination of these voting system anomalies.” (The voting machines used in Georgia are subject to federal and state certification standards and are tested by independent testing labs to ensure compliance with those standards, acceptance tested prior to delivery, and tested for accuracy prior to each use. An independent testing lab conducted an audit of the voting equipment after the November election).

Referring to Georgia’s old election system, the Coalition for Good Governance executive director alleged in 2018 that Democrats “brought in this dangerous system… the R’s took control and weaponized it. That is the danger of a party trying to take partisan advantage of the system thinking that they can keep the advantage… It becomes a game of who can rig the system he best.” At one point, according to the report, the executive director seemed to endorse the idea that “politicians may have been bribed to flip votes,” arguing that it “is a bi-partisan problem.”

The report also notes that in July 2019 both CGG and Fair Fight Action jointly exhorted supporters to “swarm a federal courthouse, to show support for CGG’s paper ballots lawsuit” and fundraised off the effort as well.


  1. Requiring a person to vote in person and show identification is not voter suppression. It’s common sense and protects not only Republicans but also Democrats. Those ill and not able to vote in person or those in military service to our country, of course, are the exception.

  2. So the takeaway here is:
    – Both political parties don’t trust the current voting system
    – One of the parties planned, and executed (no pun intended), a domestic terrorist event based on this
    – That same party is currently using their power to dismantle further ways they will lose