Towson Village’s 94 homes on 50 acres gets final OK by Peachtree City

Site plan for Towson Village. Graphic/Peachtree City Planning Commission.
Site plan for Towson Village. Graphic/Peachtree City Planning Commission.

The conceptual site plan for the 94-home Towson Village single-family development on 50 acres off Ga. Highway 54 East in Peachtree City was approved Nov. 9 by the Peachtree City Planning Commission.

The combined 86-acre property, which includes the 36-acre mixed-use Governors Square and the 50-acre Towson Village single-family home development, was approved for Limited Use Commercial (LUC) zoning in September by the Peachtree City Council.

The Towson Village proposal calls for 94 lots, 1.15 acres of amenity area and a total of 23.3 acres of open space.

Access to the development will be by way of Governors Square and Peachtree Court. There will also be an unused connection on the south side of the development to the Shiloh Mobile Home Park property in the form of a cul-de-sac, though it will end at the property line without being connected, given that the Shiloh property is in the unincorporated county.

There were no members of the public at the meeting speaking either in favor of or in opposition to the conceptual site plan.

The vote by commissioners was unanimous.

The previously-approved rezoning to LUC included the following conditions:

  • Conformance with the master plan
  • Maximum of 10 dwelling units per acre
  • At least one parking space for single-family lots shall be provided off street in an enclosed garage, which shall be at least 20 feet from the property line
  • No more than 94 lots
  • Setbacks include – Front: 10 feet for the main structure and 20 feet for garages; Side: 0 feet, provided there is at least 10 feet between dwellings; and Rear: 10 feet
  • The path between the single-family residential portion and the mixed-use development shall be constructed at the time of the single-family residential development
  • One connection to the southern property line abutting the Shiloh Mobile Home Park shall be provided from the single-family residential subdivision
  • Both Governors Square and Peachtree Court shall be extended into and serve the single-family subdivision

Per the LUC-33 zoning district, city planning staff said 94 lots are permitted with a maximum density of 10 units per acre. The plat shows 94 lots and a density of 1.85 units per acre and therefor complies with the zoning requirements.

Lot sizes being proposed are 60 feet and 70 feet wide by 120 feet deep, which meet the sizes as shown on the approved master plan. The proposed plat shows 10-foot front setbacks, 20-foot for garages, zero side setback and 10-foot rear setbacks, meeting the setback requirements, staff said.

In addition to the 94 single-family residential lots, the proposed plat contains an amenity area of 1.15 acres and several pocket parks similar to the approved master plan. The plat also shows 23.3 acres of open space, which exceeds the 21.5 acres shown on the master plan.

While there are no greenbelts required, the concept plat proposes a 50-foot buffer around the perimeter of the property. The section of buffer containing the cart path on the west side of the subdivision will be required to be dedicated to the city.

Planning staff recommended approval, and was of the opinion that the conceptual site plan meets the zoning conditions and Land Development Ordinance standards.