Consider the ‘Tamara-festo’ as you prepare to vote


The Plan for PTC political action committee presents a certain weltanschauung that is incessantly pro-developer and urban. Their goal was to raise significant amounts of cash and volunteers and overwhelm the will of the citizens, electing candidates who would take a pro-urbanization development stance (see: One of the founders of the political action committee has revealed what they are really thinking.

A manifesto with little meaning

Plan for PTC’s success has been sparse with only Mayor Kim Learnard in their corner. However, last week the reputation of the hapless political action committee reached its nadir with a new 2,700-word manifesto of sorts from runoff candidate Tamara Moore. As some refer to it as the “Tamarafesto,” the document was prominently displayed on the candidate’s campaign Facebook page with the title “An open letter to the citizens of Peachtree City, Georgia.”

The first line of the Tamarafesto reads, “I will no longer sit quietly and say nothing while our house burns down around us.” It is an unbelievably accurate metaphor for Plan for PTC and Moore’s campaign as they hide their intent and the voters cast ballots against them.

The original Tamarafesto can be found on The Citizen website at I have been told that since being published, Moore has altered the document on her campaign Facebook page.

The near schizophrenic manifesto most likely has the Plan for PTC crowd looking for a rock to crawl under. Some yards that had Tamara Moore yard signs are now bare.

Tamarafesto is a scattered blend of emotional unsoundness, ideological instability, and egocentrism.

50 shades of Moore

Even though Moore has failed to offer a single position on significant issues, she instead attacks one person after another for her campaign’s failure.

Here is a summary of the puffy verbiage from Tamarafesto:

Even though she sent an email to a local land planner saying she favored more stacked multi-family residential complexes and refused to answer questions regarding the same, she claims the opposite in Tamarafesto. Which Moore do you believe? (See:

Moore does not like Editor and Publisher Cal Beverly nor columnist Steve Brown (a.k.a. “immature keyboard coyboys”) (a.k.a. “two of the most toxic and divisive men in the city”) nor anyone else who reports what they honestly see from the candidate. Her own correspondence and failure to answer questions have been cited continuously as proof of where she stands.

For the record, The Citizen has published every document Moore has sent verbatim, without editing or bias.

Moore claims her opponent Laura Johnson came to her hat-in-hand apologizing. Moore likes to publicly espouse that everyone owes her an apology. Moore insists that even though Johnson approached her groveling, she cannot forgive Johnson. She includes the egocentric hashtag “#ptcdeservesmoore” at the end of Tamarafesto.

Moore exclaims, “I will seek a restraining order if these same bullies tower over me in public ever again, get in my personal five foot tall — 110 pound space, and yell at me with spittle actually flying at times.” She never cites who these “bullies” might be.

Later in the Tarmarafesto, Moore says, “They hide behind a keyboard, and never meet their targets face-to-face. Steve [Brown], my offer of a coffee is still open. Coward is always the word that comes to my mind.” (The readers can most likely see why face-to-face coffee with Moore is unadvisable and dialog via email preferable.)

An alarmed Moore says, “Their goals aren’t to better our city, their goal is to advance an extreme agenda that has nothing to do with the health of its citizens.” She never says who “their” is and what the ”extreme agenda” might be. Although opponent Johnson’s agenda is somewhat unclear, it’s certainly not extreme.

Moore says, “But I will not tolerate hate and bigotry wrapped up in a partisan narrative any longer.” Can anyone find examples of “hate and bigotry” against Moore? She does not provide any examples. Nor can she explain what the “partisan narrative” might be.

An accusatory Moore charges Councilwoman-elect Suzanne Brown and Councilman Clint Holland with fraud although she cannot explain what they have done to commit fraud.

An agitated Moore chides Neil Sullivan’s letter to the editor talking about the impact of building more apartment complexes, even though Moore’s own correspondence confirmed her desire for more stacked multi-family complexes. Moore gets back at Sullivan by citing some episode from years back about Sullivan’s wife ordering a hamburger at Ted’s. (You cannot make this stuff up.)

Moore says, “This is unprecedented and has gone way past slander and defamation for many of us.” She never provides any information on what slander or defamation occurred and from whom.

A haughty Moore says about The Citizen, “I encourage any advertisers to pull their advertising dollars on principle.” Her “it’s my ball and I’m going home” attitude makes you wonder how any city could tolerate her in a leadership role.

Moore says, “I will not tolerate a few bullies in this town who wanted their candidates to win at all costs — to scorch the town I love so much.” That sounds just like the Plan for PTC political action committee that she founded (and hid from the voters). Win at all costs appears to be the core motivation of Plan for PTC.

Moore says, “My goal was, and always will be, to engage in constructive dialogue and seek understanding rather than resorting to anger or aggression. I won’t stoop to arguing back-and-forth on social media or give the tabloid any of my energy.”

To insert that statement in the middle of her public Tamarafesto, full of anger and aggression (not to mention the false accusations), is a form of cruel comedy. I cannot remember a candidate less engaging and constructive than Moore.

A pompous Moore says, “Why are you believing the city needed ‘saving’ from an intelligent, educated, critical thinker who was willing to put herself out there to ensure a great city stays that way?” That arrogant question came from a candidate who to the date of writing this column has not offered a single position on any issue of importance to this city.

Unfortunately, reminiscent of Hillary Clinton, Moore says of those who disagree with her, “You are unreachable and I don’t want your vote.” A majority of voters complied with her request.

Moore says, “Join me in stopping the spread of toxicity and hate that is threatening to begin to permeate this town once again.” The voters not siding with the Plan for PTC founder Moore did just that. Frank Destadio, Clint Holland, Suzanne Brown, and Laura Johnson are not toxic, and they do not hate anyone.

Moore plays the victim while most voters simply oppose the radical change proposed by her Plan for PTC.

The Tamarafesto reminds me of Mayor Learnard when she was caught red-handed violating the Georgia Open Meetings Act for nearly two years, handling variance requests out of public view with no public notice. Her response was something like yeah she did it but it is okay if she is the one doing it, zero accountability.

The alternative

People have asked me about the other runoff candidate Laura Johnson and I honestly reply that I know nothing about her. I have reached out through mutual acquaintances for a dialog but she never accepts.

I witnessed the same reluctance from candidate Vic Painter who has faded into the sunset after a campaign where he refused to accept my early text invitation to talk about his campaign, refused when I asked via email query for his comments on the ethics allegations that were filed against him, and he refused to answer any of the questions from The Citizen regarding the movement for more stacked apartments and mixed-use complexes.

Johnson did reply to The Citizen’s questions, but her answers were quite vague. Her main campaign theme is preserving the “village concept” style of land planning and our public greenspaces.

While I support her campaign theme, I am not certain she knows what to do or how to do it. Those circumstances along with a lack of institutional knowledge can lead to disaster.

Johnson is most likely to be the next member of the city council for post 1, and I hope she has the fortitude to state her principles and stand firmly behind them. In government, you do not have to look for trouble; instead, trouble comes looking for you.

Final ballot of 2023

It’s your government, you decide. Early voting is from November 27 to December 1 at the Fayette County Elections office and the Peachtree City library. Election day at your local precinct is December 5.

[Brown is a former mayor of Peachtree City and served two terms on the Fayette County Board of Commissioners. You can read all his columns by clicking on his photo below.]


  1. Just imagine how much simpler and drama-free this election season would have been if Tamara and Vic would have just come out, been honest, and said they were for more growth and more dense housing and basically were on the side of our mayor and our city planner, instead of trying to duck and dodge and hide their true viewpoints on the issues? Just come out and state what your ideas really are….it’s really that simple.

    • Hi Wing

      That’s really interesting because I think things would have been pretty close. Shiny new sounds great until you get into the weeds. I was shocked when I went to the bus depot for a corn hole thingy and saw those massive buildings. Same thing with Trillith.

      I am not necessarily no growth, but I am against growth without a thought out and vetted plan.

      Moved into my house 20 years ago last week. There was nothing on 54 west of the Huddleston bridge other than Chevron, Walmart, and Home Depot. Now look at it. 54 may be a state road, but every building was a local choice.

      I fear when the entertainment zone crowd get savvy, it will be too late.