Peace, joy even in defeat


God is so good. He really is. One of the things I most want to convey to my neighbors who don’t believe in God is the joy and peace that he brings to your heart, even in the darkest of times.

For many, if Trump ends up losing the election, it will be seen as a dark time indeed. Many of us have been praying for his victory and will be terribly disappointed with a loss. (I know it’s baffling to many that Christians would support a man of such, shall we say, deplorable character, but Trump is flawed as we all are, and his policies, especially in the areas of religious liberty and the protection of the unborn, have been strongly aligned with the beliefs of many Christians.)

But faith in God and his only begotten Son, Jesus Christ, does not mean you always get what you want. In fact, if anything, the Bible shows us that very often you don’t get what you want, but that in those moments especially, God is still with you, loves you, and can use the most difficult of circumstances to reveal his glory and goodness.

I would therefore like to remind my friends in Christ that no matter what happens in this election, we know that Jesus is the ultimate victor. Please know that God, from before time began, wanted you — yes you! — in this particular moment for a particular purpose. That he counts on his followers to be joyful, faithful followers of his way, even in the midst of suffering and trials.

Some of our fellow countrymen react to political disappointments in very different ways. At best, they grumble and complain and let the vicissitudes of politics affect their demeanor and their happiness. At worst, they take to the streets and protest violently, unleashing destruction on the country they wish to see annihilated.

I choose not to be like either of those people. No matter what happens in politics, I can always strive to be a more loving father and husband, a better neighbor, and positive citizen in my community.

And, most importantly, I refuse to let politics and the destructive forces unleashed by bad ideology and social media drag me down with them. I will love my “enemy,” show him/her the love and patience that Jesus has for each and every one of us, no matter what we are doing or thinking at the moment.

He gazes upon us with eyes of pure, divine love. He sees what we are doing and is saddened if it takes us away from his heart, and longs for us to draw near his life-giving waters.

That, my friends, is what we are called to do; not to bash each other over the figurative or literal head, but to be sons and daughters of a loving God who support one another and affirm each other’s dignity and preciousness in the eyes of a world that often denies such things.

“Be not afraid,” our Lord Jesus once said. He meant that literally, you know? I’ll pray that both I and many others can remember this admonition and be a force for goodness and kindness, all the days of our life.


Trey Hoffman

Peaachtree City, Ga.


  1. It sounds as if Trey is almost excited that he doesn’t have to defend Trump anymore. The moral implications of supporting the orange buffoon must have eaten at him for 4 long years. Well, now he can focus on bashing Biden/Harris, like we bashed his orange Daddy. I look forward to the weekly abortion letters and would like to take this opportunity to let Trey know that he still won’t be forced to have an abortion.

    • Robert – Just wait. Next week he will pen another poison letter condemning everyone but himself. I assume he becomes convicted for his intolerance and then repents. But when his conscience eases up a small fraction, he goes back into attack mode with pretzel logic to substantiate his wild ideas.

      Like the guy he likes to quote so aptly said, “By their fruits you will know them.” Don’t be fooled by a few conciliatory words.

      • Don’t care a whip about Trey or his silly stuff, but I’ll post here because it seems convenient.

        Looks like Trump has actually lost and Biden and his train of fools will take over. The 2 Senate races in GA are increibally important. Get out and vote. Keep these Commies hands off the levers of power. Very important!!!!

        Should be pretty obvious. 1 incumbent Senator vs. a racist supporter of Obama’s pastor “God damn America” remember him? and another incumbent Senator vs a 29 year-old inexperienced candidate with radical, socialist views and fascination with the Green New Deal. Give me a break.

        Keep the faith. Vote Perdue and Loeffler back in and let’s move on.

          • Reality is actually hard to determine right now, Stew. It is either Trump lost fair and square and the certification and recount and concession process is being delayed by some poor sports (certainly possible) OR the “hundreds of affidavits” of wrongdoing and the “questionable” 700,000 votes means Trump actually won (also possible).

            I can believe in the reality of the Deep State and Democrat manipulation and I’d certainly like to see some movement on Sidney Powell and Lin Woods accusations, but every day that goes by without some actual evidence being presented to a court somewhere simply means there has been no evidence presented and the fiery press conference meaningless. We are all the left with our beliefs and guesses, but no facts. You can adopt some “facts” from the news media if you want, but that’s just plain silly.

            Biden’s keepers certainly believe they will rule come January and they probably will. I just can’t understand Powell and Wood doing all the work necessary to gather those affidavits and then not taking the obvious next step. Maybe the witnesses are having second thoughts about public scrutiny. Who knows.

            It is not over or final right now, although day by day we get closer. When all the states certify and somebody has 270, it will be mostly over. Inauguration Day it will really be over.

            Meanwhile, please vote to keep our incumbent Senators on or before Jan 5. Sometimes Senators need to be replaced, but not this time and certainly not by 2 radicals who have never held any kind of office. Elect the Dems and Georgia will have the shame of having the 2 most junior Senators out of 100 who will be way under the thumb of the Schumer. Tell me how that helps Georgia.

          • Robert, the reality is the same reality that you’ve accepted in every other election. The margins were smaller in the 2016 election and yet, you accepted them. This silliness of a Deep State theory and the superiority of the Dems to come up with these elaborate schemes is just ridiculous. In believing that tripe you’re actually believing the Dems are more intelligent than Repubs. That’s just not the case. Thinking that way is a simple human defense mechanism. The serious allegations of voter fraud this time around was all perpetuated by Trump. He’s primed his supporters for months and months before the election and of course has continued afterwards. As I have said other places in the comments, there has always been voter fraud, there will always be voter fraud, and we will always be fighting voter fraud. Is there systemic voter fraud enough to change a national election – no. It is extremely difficult to pull off. Should we remain vigilant to the possibilities? Of course we should. The problems with Trump’s allegations of voter fraud is that he and his crew can’t come up with credible evidence. You’re taking their word that there are thousands of affidavits. You’re assuming that the affidavits are credible. We don’t know that. For the life of me I can’t understand why Trump supporters are propping up Sidney Powell, she came off as quite the loon. The press conference last week was a circus freak-show. I can only ascertain that his lawyers motives are to show their loyalty and to please Trump. Hey, anyone can do that while they’re charging by the hour. You know Robert, the very same fraud that is being alleged brought many more seats in Congress for Republicans this time around. Were their wins fraudulent?

            The Senate runoff race will be interesting. I firmly believe that the incumbents will win, but that all depends on Repub turn out. I won’t be voting for either of them, but if they do win, I won’t be upset. I believe one party holding all the cards in Washington is not ideal.

        • Don’t call Ossoff a socialist. He is not he doesn’t even support medicare for all, he’s just a run of the mill centrist democrat. I wish he was a radical socialist green new deal supporter, but unfortunately he isn’t. You can’t even come up with a good criticism of him that doesn’t involve calling him something he isn’t.

          • Ok, you want me to put lipstick on your pig? Happy to help.

            Jon Ossoff is a committed Democrat who has failed to get elected by popular vote in Georgia twice – once for a House seat, this time for Senate which is now going to a runoff. Both campaigns set records for dollars contributed – much (maybe most) from sources outside Georgia.

            His ability to work across political boundaries may be reinforced by all the folks in California who will be moving to Georgia just to vote in the upcoming runoff (for him or the guy opposed to Kelly? No one is sure).

            Young, inexperienced with no accomplishments and no track record or documented scandals in government, now finally married to a doctor giving him time and money to pursue his political dreams.

            Reliably left-leaning, he can be counted on follow Chuck Schhumer’s leadership which is needed because he will the most junior member in the entire Senate. His views are clearly expressed on his fundraising website. It feels icky to read the whole thing, but he will do what he is told by Schumer whether he becomes majority leader or remains minority leader.

            His replacing David Purdue to represent Georgia will bring a fundamental change for Georgians and gets the Dems one step closer to lawmaking nirvana.

            How’s that Henry? Better?

          • @Robert, a fundamental change sounds quite nice from the nastiness the Republican Party has presented these last 4 years. I cannot in good conscience vote for a man or woman that has supported the divisive rhetoric and action taken by 45. Perdue & Loeffler’s full throated support of Donald Trump shows they care about party over country and that is not something to value in a Senator. The Republicans keep showing they prefer to be opportunists, not representatives.

            Also, please stop bringing conspiracy theories here, this isn’t 4chan.

          • Yep, I don’t like people misusing the term Socialist and trying to use it as an insult. I agree with a lot of your criticisms. I don’t like Schhummer but I think he’s marginally better than McConnell, who has made it abundantly clear that he will not pass another stimulus bill as long as he is in control of the senate. We need to do something to keep the economy alive over the next few months, maybe by next summer enough people will be vaccinated that we can safely go to restaurants and travel again. If we don’t pass a stimulus a lot of small businesses will fail by then and all the people who work for them will be unemployed.

            There aren’t people traveling from california to vote in the runoff, that’s another vague claim with no evidence to back it up like the voter fraud.

            I think that replacing Perdue would be a good thing, he doesn’t think that climate change is a thing. Ossoff thinks it’s a thing but doesn’t think it’s a massive issue. The fact of the matter is that if we don’t take drastic actions now, it will destroy the economy. Think about how much damage was done by hurricanes this year and how much that’ll cost to fix and how much lost productivity as a result. Droughts in California combining with decades of mismanagement leading to massive fires. How much did we spend on firefighting planes that could have been spent on something else. Breathing smoke isn’t good for lungs, how much more will be spent on medical care as a result of that? These are just a couple of examples of how climate change will hurt the economy and the green new deal will pay for itself in terms of damage and costs avoided.