The Fayette County Public School System celebrated National School Nurse Day on Wednesday, May 6.

The National Association of School Nurses created National School Nurse Day to recognize school nurses and acknowledge their hard work and dedication.

The theme this year – School Nurses: Supporting Students in Times of Crisis – reinforces the changing times of 2020. This year, more than ever, all members of our school communities, school nurses included, have been required to take on unprecedented roles and adapt quickly to changes in their jobs. It is reflective of the significant roles school nurses have in the healthcare of their school communities to help make a healthier place for children and families to learn and grow during this crisis.

To provide a healthy environment for students across the county, every Fayette County public school has a school clinic with a licensed nurse. Twenty-six Fayette County school nurses and one school nurse coordinator care for thousands of students on a daily basis to ensure school communities are a healthy place for children and families to learn and grow.

School nurses at each clinic care for approximately 25-100 students per day with illnesses, chronic health conditions, and injuries.

The Fayette County Public School System is thankful for the hard work and dedication school nurses provide to the county’s students and families. We encourage the community to join the school system in showing appreciation for school nurses during National School Nurse Day on May 6.