Urge Congress to retain Medicare Advantage plans


My wife and I are happily enjoying our retirement in each other’s company. A retired educator and IT consultant, we’ve embraced the slower pace. We’ve experienced minor health concerns but, thanks to our Medicare Advantage coverage, we’ve have had little to worry about when it comes to healthcare. It’s ensured we have low-cost resources available to us if we’re ever in more dire need.

We chose to enroll in Medicare Advantage because it offers more choices than traditional Medicare. The program has ensured my wife and I have the same level of access that we had through our employer-provided insurance. Retirement brings big changes, but because of Medicare Advantage, healthcare wasn’t really one of them.

We’ve also embraced the program’s preventive care resources. Our Medicare Advantage plan provides us with affordable fitness and wellness options, which help us stay in shape all year long. This is especially important to us; physical fitness makes a huge difference in the lives of us older folks. Plus, we love the community we’ve found at the local athletic club.

It’s encouraging to know that a lot of seniors like us also love their Medicare Advantage plans. However, it’s important that this program is continually supported up in Congress.

I hope Medicare Advantage isn’t scrapped and that Senator Loeffler and her fellow Members of Congress will work to support this program.

Bill Ercolini

Sharpsburg, Ga.


  1. Bill – there’s nothing to worry about. When have President Trump and the Republicans ever enacted any law or administrative directive that harmed a millionaire? You are a millionaire aren’t you? If not, perhaps you might start to worry.