Fayette County man dies outside Fayetteville medical office



A Fayette County man on Jan. 8 collapsed and died after leaving a medical office in Fayetteville. The death resulted from natural causes.

Fayetteville Police Department spokesperson Ann Marie Burdett said officers were dispatched to Fayette Health Imaging on Ga. Highway 54 West in reference to the report of 75-year-old Tom Marcone lying on his right side on the sidewalk.

“Upon arrival, the responding officer attempted to call out to the individual,” Burdett said. “The individual was unresponsive to verbal communication as well as to sternum rubs which were performed by the officer.”

Medics were summoned and arrived at the scene. It was determined that the man was deceased, Burdett said.

Burdett said medical paperwork located near the decedent’s body indicated that he recently received medical treatment at the facility and had been released.

Burdett said the death has been determined to be the result of natural causes.


  1. I love you Ben, but American Imaging just does diagnostic testing, not treatment. I wouldn’t want anyone to think they were in any way responsible for the death of this poor guy. American Imaging is tops in their field.
    John Giovanelli