From Mayor Johnson, ‘Sincerest expression of thanks’


As many citizens may realize, I am a citizen servant who attempt to avoid “editorials and media attention,” but I write this article to express my sincerest thanks to all Fayetteville citizens who voted to re-elect me to serve as mayor for another four years in the November 5, 2019 election.

I pray that this was a vote of confidence in the leadership I have provided and in my unifying relationship with the City Council over the past four years.

I am extremely appreciative and grateful for the opportunity demonstrated by the fact that I ran unopposed for this election. I am prayerful this is an indication that many see that I represent the interests of all Fayetteville citizens, not party partisanship.

This has been the way I have served our country for 22 years as a Naval officer and our community for the past eight years as an elected official, and it will be the way I lead for the next four years.

I will always seek to work cooperatively with the elected City Council and help shape policies and decisions that will continue to productively manage the growth and progress of our great city.

With your support and the cooperation of the City Council, our professional City Staff, and other critical stakeholders, we will continue towards “making Fayetteville a Premiere City.”

Please note that I pledge to always give the “best of my service” representing the citizens of Fayetteville with integrity, insight, and honorable service. Thank you again for re-electing me as your mayor for four more years. Thank you for being engaged in the political process to ensure we elect officials who seek to make Fayetteville safe, inviting, clean, and a wonderful place for all who live here. God bless.

Edward J. Johnson, Jr., Mayor

City of Fayetteville, Georgia