Cool, it Greta, climate predictors have 100% failure rate


Hint: if you are using hysterical children to advance your cause, your cause is probably a bunch of hooey.

Look at gun control: anti-gun activists practically salivated over the angst-filled castigations of 16-year-olds from Parkland, hoping that the likes of David Hogg and Emma Gonzales would cow the Congress into passing unconstitutional gun control laws by scolding them with expletive-laden diatribes. Emma Gonzales famously said, “We call BS,” but who really is peddling the BS when you resort to using children to make your case?

And now we have the sad spectacle of the Swedish 16-year-old Greta Thunberg scolding the UN and, apparently, all adults for “stealing her dreams” by condemning the world to an imminent climate catastrophe.

Some adults are showering her with adulation, and some with scorn, but my primary emotion is pity towards her and anger towards the adults who coordinate this effort to scare-monger us all into some sort of massive economic and social program to combat climate change, and in the process frighten our children into a state of panic and hopeless dread.

This demagoguery happens even though every single major prediction by the climate scaremongers has failed to come to fruition. Pick your poison. The “global cooling” proponents of the 1970s — who later became global warming proponents then climate change proponents — warned that increasing amounts of CO2 would cool the earth by 11 degrees by 2000, which would usher in a new ice age.

This happened in the context of a trend of falling temperatures in the preceding decades, but when the average temperature began to rise in the 70s and 80s, we were told that global warming was the next big threat. Then we heard predictions like: in ten years the world will be hot as a “frying pan” (Al Gore, 2006); the polar ice cap would be “gone” by 2015 (Al Gore, 2008); or New York would be under water by 2015, etc., etc.

It really is laughable to see that a group of people who have an almost 100% failure rate continue to command the serious attention of governments, universities, celebrities, and — sadly — children.

Even with our very hot weather as of late here in Atlanta, we are breaking records from the 1920s, which is way before the build-up of CO2 was supposed to start heating the earth.

So I want to say to Greta, please don’t worry. Predictions about the earth’s imminent demise have been varied and frequent for 50 plus years and have never come anywhere near to fruition.

And I want to say to the irresponsible adults who scare the life out of our children: cut it out. Be responsible. Look at the actual science, not at report summaries or documentaries or the whiny pleading of celebrities.

And, by the way, if you really want to concentrate on the number one man-made killer of the human race, by far, look no further than abortion. Fifty million Americans have died since Roe v. Wade and hundreds of millions more around the world. Why no crying teenagers or self-righteous political denunciations for those victims?

Trey Hoffman

Peachtree City, Ga.


  1. Trey, if that 50 million number is real and most would have been offspring of liberals and if 2/3 of them would be old enough to vote by now, even the most mathematically challenged Democrat could see that those 30million+ votes would have made Hillary Clinton president in 2016.

    Of course the libs don’t understand the Electoral College and they cluster in New York, California and other uber blue states, so more Democrat votes there doesn’t help presidentially. But with 30million+ found kid voters some would be in Georgia and other states – almost certain to elect fine people like Jon Ossof and Stacey Abrams.

    Wonder why they haven’t figured that out yet. Wouldn’t it be easier to simply ban abortion and then raise your own little Ossofs to hate Trump than it would be to illegally import that many Hispanics and Muslims into the US and hope that they might hate Trump and America?

    Oh well, I guess if they want to kill off their legacy, no need for us to interfere.