Print edition is ‘irreplaceable’


I saw your story on the final print edition of The Citizen. I know it had to be difficult to write. I’ll certainly miss getting my copy and thank you for the years you and Joyce and your staff put into keeping the citizens informed.

No doubt, many of your customers are feeling like me, as though your announcement was just a bad dream we all awoke from, but reality can be a loud alarm clock.

There’s something irreplaceable and endearing about the feel of a newspaper in one’s hands, and the assurance of seeing it “in print.” It’s something social media can’t replace or even come close to emulating.

I trust I’ll still enjoy Ben Nelms floating around the Commission chambers scribbling notes, or walking the streets taking pictures during the next parade.

While I realize The Citizen is simply and unfortunately being caught up in the wave of change sweeping over the industry, it’s not a change that brings a smile.

Although you’ll continue providing your news and insight online, and I’ll continue to follow, it will nevertheless be tough not finding that rolled up newspaper on my driveway once a week.

Take care. I wish you and Joyce, your staff, and The Citizen well.



Charles W. Oddo

Vice Chairman

Fayette County Board of Commissioners, At Large, District 5

Fayetteville, Ga. 30214


  1. I feel the same way about the printed paper and while I understand the change, I don’t like it. The good news however is that our very own Steve Brown, recently retired smartest person in the room, has emerged as some type of digital moderator. I’d check the masthead for his exact title, but alas – no masthead in the digital world.

    Hopefully the lessons of UGA School of Journalism will be remembered by Mr. Brown especially the one about not making yourself part of the story. I’m sure he will try and I will watch and admire his superhuman self-restraint.

  2. I certainly agree with Chuck that the print edition is irreplaceble, however I understand the necessity of your decision. Just want you to know that there are still those of us that will miss the enjoyment of sitting down with a cup of coffee to enjoy the printed newspaper. Times continue to change and we continue to adapt….adios to another old friend.