Demand transparency and accountability


I continuously said during my days in political office, “Never trust the government, and government officials should have to justify every decision they make.” From the president of the United States down to your local mayor, you need to demand transparency and accountability, always.

CDC Director Rochelle Walenshy is heading for the exit. CDC’s performance during the pandemic was horrendous.

CNBC reported, “The CDC mishandled the Covid pandemic. Its messaging was confusing and overwhelming. Time and time again, the agency did not act quickly enough and now it’s in need of a drastic overhaul and that’s the message today from the CDC’s own director Dr. Rochelle Walensky. In a statement she wrote, ‘For 75 years, CDC and public health have been preparing for COVID-19 and in our big moment our performance did not reliably meet expectations.’” That’s political speak for saying they failed at every turn.

Walensky began the hysteria by saying in a nationally streamed event, “I’m gonna pause here I’m gonna lose the script and I’m gonna reflect on the recurring feeling I have of impending doom.” Failing in leadership and blind to the science, Walensky pushed the fear narrative saying, “Right now, I’m scared.”

Next came the lies as Walensky told the media, “Our data from the CDC today suggest you know that that vaccinated people do not carry the virus, don’t get sick, and that it’s not just in the clinical trials but it’s also in real world data.” That was a lie.

Next, Walensky remarked in an interview, “If you were to get infection with and vaccinated, could you give it to somebody else were you silently able to spread it? Those data were not covered in the clinical trials, but now data have emerged again that have demonstrated that even if you were to get infected during post vaccination, that you can’t give it to anyone else.” Another lie.

Then, just days later, after scientists cried foul, Walensky has to admit to CNN, “Here’s the new science that we saw just in the last several days with prior variants when people had these rare breakthrough infections we didn’t see the capacity of them to spread the virus to others, but with the delta variant we now see in our outbreak investigations that have been occurring over the last couple of weeks, in those outbreak investigations we have been seeing that if you happen to have one of those breakthrough infections that you can actually now pass it to somebody else.”

Yes, the “new science” is what they say after they accuse people with differing opinions of being “science deniers” because of a failure to “trust” the old science. The bureaucratic science establishment (chained to big pharma) never admits they were wrong, instead claiming “new science” is the science you should now trust lest they keep calling you a science denier.

The ridiculous part is Pfizer had already said vaccinated persons could become infected and spread the virus in a press release days before Walensky offered her initial falsehoods. More importantly, people lost their jobs due to vaccine mandates that were essentially meaningless.

It does not take a degree in virology to know that the virus mutates rapidly which is why influenza vaccines are repeatedly ineffective.

How much do you want to bet that Dr. Walensky gets a giant, juicy board of directors’ position with one of the “big pharma” corporations?

Dr. Anthony Fauci had to admit (after the government turned over his emails to the media) that the NIH really did fund risky virus research in Wuhan, China. NIH and EcoHealth, documents showed, supported what’s often called gain-of-function virus research in China, the type of studies that can make pathogens more dangerous to humans and that some think may have spawned SARS-CoV-2 (“In Major Shift, NIH Admits Funding Risky Virus Research in Wuhan,” Vanity Fair).

Fauci also led a coordinated effort to shut down expert scientific opinions on the covid (“How Fauci and Collins Shut Down Covid Debate, Wall Street Journal). And, of course, those censored experts were correct and Fauci was wrong.

Fauci claimed that he never ordered shutdowns of the economy, recently saying “I didn’t shut down anything,” in a FOX Business interview. But the internet is the holder of many previous bold Fauci statements.

During the pandemic, authoritarian Fauci told the media, “I recommended to the president that we shut the country down and the only way to do that is by draconian means of essentially shutting down a country.” He explained a better outcome is possible and, “We know that we can do that if we shut down.”

Most Democrat and some Republican governors took that Faucian bait and enacted those draconian measures. They were also wrong and probably did more harm to their constituents with every mandate than help.

The United States fared worse than most third-world nations in terms of outcomes. Were you part of the problem? Did you support scientific censorship? Did you give in to the government-generated panic as a participant in a mass psychosis?

Next week, let’s take a look at the tangled web that is being created in Peachtree City. Can you trust what the mayor tells us? Did you get your property assessment in the mail? We just experienced a 17% tax increase and gave the city millions of dollars in the recent Special Purpose Local Option Sales Tax (SPLOST) at the same time our cost of living has risen sharply. What happens next for fiscal year 2024?

Remember, demand transparency and accountability.

[Brown is a former mayor of Peachtree City and served two terms on the Fayette County Board of Commissioners. You can read all his columns by clicking on his photo below.]


  1. Steve is not a public health professional, nor is he employed by any state, local, or federal public health agency. Steve, forgets, that the COVID 19 started in December 2019 and between December 2019 and January 20, 2021, Steve seems to forget that Dr. Walensky was not the director of the CDC. The primary responsibility for the 1st half of the COVID 19 pandemic was Donald J. Trump (et al), who killed over 1M Americans, by simply doing absolutely NOTHING to either control or prevent COVID 19 infections. And Steve seems to forget that public health, like politics is local. The CDC has zero control or command over any State or Local Public Health Departments and although billions of dollars in funding was provide to State and Local Public Health Departments by the federal government, specifically for COVID 19; State like Georgia, refused to spend any of this funding for State and Local Public Health Departments. The State of Georgia decided to give pay raises to State Employees and a tax rebate to the citizens of Georgia; thanks to the COVID19 pandemic leadership of Governor Brian Kemp (et al), Georgia has the 9th-highest COVID death rate.

    • Spare me the bull, the left has been politicizing covid from the very start, just as you attempt to do here as you attempt to rewrite history.

      In 2020 under Trump’s watch 350,000 people died from Covid-19.(1)
      New Jersey had the highest, and New York had the second highest rate covid 19 death rate per 100,000 people. Georgia was 26th highest. Under Biden’s watch in 2021 and with the advantage of having a working vaccine when he took office, the number of Covid deaths in 2021 totaled around 416,000. (1).

      On Jan 30, Trump declared a public health emergency and restricted travel from China, after confirmation of seven people with covid in the United States. NPR’s headline was “Trump Administration Issues Drastic Travel Restrictions ” (2)

      The next day, Biden tweets “We are in the midst of a crisis with the coronavirus. We need to lead the way with science — not Donald Trump’s record of hysteria, xenophobia, and fear-mongering. He is the worst possible person to lead our country through a global health emergency.” (3)

      NBC News: “WASHINGTON — Congressional Democrats slammed President Donald Trump after he announced that he plans to suspend immigration to the United States, arguing that such a move would do nothing to protect Americans from the coronavirus and deflect attention from his handling of the outbreak.

      House Democratic Caucus Chairman Hakeem Jeffries, D-N.Y., tweeted that Trump is the “Xenophobe. In. Chief.” “ (4)

      (1) COVID-19 Mortality by State

      (2) Trump Administration Issues Drastic Travel Restrictions And Quarantine : Shots – Health News : NPR

      (3) Biden & COVID: Yes, He Called the Chinese Travel Restrictions Xenophobic | National Review

      (4) ‘Xenophobe. In. Chief.’: Democrats blast Trump’s plan to suspend to U.S. (

    • Gplanman, Brown never claimed to be a health professional, employed as such or otherwise, your opening fallacy.

      The timeline on when Covid originated was not disputed. Second fallacy.

      Since Brown’s references were made concerning Walensky comments about the vaccine, your opening barrage is moot.

      Of course, you did feel compelled to drag politics into as you made false claims against Trump, with a blatantly false claim that Trump killed 1m Americans through inaction over covid during his watch. But even the CDC disagrees with you on your mortality claims, since they cite only a third of a million people died in 2020 of Covid. More people died under Biden’s watch when a vaccine was available. However, playing election politics, democrats dismissed and undermined Trump’s ability to close our borders calling it xenophobic, and casting doubt on any vaccine created during the Trump administration.

      Democrats have and as you’ve demonstrated, play politics with the pandemic openly. Which illustrates all to plainly the point about transparency Brown was articulating.

      Other falsehoods you’ve made I should point out. In 2020 New Jersey, and New York had the highest mortality rate per 100,000 people according to the CDC wonder system. Georgia was 26th. 418,000 additional people died in the US in 2021.

      The Trump administration was on target with it’s assessment early on that the virus originated in China. When there had been only 7 confirmed cases in the US Trump imposed a temporary travel restriction into this country from China, which was soon expanded to other areas in Asia. The next day, Biden is calling Trump a xenophobe.

      I previously posted sourced references with URLs to many of the points about but are currently awaiting moderation in the black hole of this forum. Perhaps they will appear in the near future.

  2. Most of all, the Earth is flat. UFOs brought Bigfoot originally to Egypt when those aliens built the pyramids and his offspring migrated to the US and now inhabit parts of Planterra.

  3. Covid added more examples of our federal government’s ineptitude or outright corruption. It’s a long list:

    Millions paid to the Biden family for nothing other than political favors.
    Out of control spending causing inflation to rise from 2% in 2020.
    $250,000 per voter in debt and climbing, yet leftists won’t agree to require healthy single persons to get work and off the dole, or to cap spending at last year’s inflated budget.
    A Vice President / Border Czar responsible for adding millions of illegal immigrants who are a drain on resources and a national security risk, as well as the flood of fentanyl that kills more than guns and autos combined.
    Hilary’s 30,000+ deleted government emails.
    Transferring billions in student loan debt onto taxpayers.
    Trillions spent to fight climate change that is wasted without China, Russia and India on board.
    An FBI targeting parents and Christians as terrorists.
    Draining the Strategic Petroleum Reserve to lowest levels in over 40 years for political purposes, with minimal action to refill it, leaving the US vulnerable.
    ‘Russia, Russia, Russia’ lies and crimes.
    And on it goes . . .

    Yet no one is held accountable.

  4. A fantastic summation of the Covid debacle, Steve. Shutting down the economy was plainly a political trap for Trump. A lose/lose situation. If he shuts everything down he gets blamed for all the damage to the populace and the economy. If he doesn’t, the Dems blame him for every death. Many of us saw the politics of Covid, but were shouted down by all the bureaucratic forces mentioned above. No reason to believe the government for the foreseeable future.

  5. I’m in the unusual position of agreeing with Mr. Brown about the performance of Rochelle Walenshy during the Covid crisis. But isn’t it nice to see that she admitted her failure? If only our 45th president would follow suit for his bungling of the crisis as well.

    I can dream, can’t I?

    • Stranger – It’s not on Trump that the vaccine’s effectiveness was oversold. His main mistake is he should have fired Fauci several times over.

      Meanwhile, you ignore that Biden ordered mandatory vaccinations that affected up to 100 million workers, with many in healthcare and the military losing their jobs and pensions for not getting shot with a vaccine that isn’t one.

      Less than 10% of the $5.4 TRILLION in Biden’s Covid spending went to healthcare, according to House Ways and Means, with other spending to bail out state governments, and build bike trails, new high school weight rooms, apartment buildings, and golf courses. And he kept Fauci.

      But yes, I do think Walensky’s candor at the failures of Covid policies is refreshing. Not holding my breath that Fauci owns up to his role in funding the Chinese lab’s gain of function work that produced Covid, though.