Gibbons apologizes for his public comments on public comments

Commissioner Edward "Edge" Gibbons

Fayette County Commissioner Edge Gibbons during the commissioner’s comments portion of the Feb. 28 meeting clarified and corrected his statement made at a prior meeting dealing with having his mind made up on an agenda item before the board hears from the public at meetings.

“First, I apologize for my remarks as they pertain to limits on public comment. I was wrong in many ways. I definitely want to hear from the public in this meeting or any other venue whether it be in person, by telephone, or email, and I will consider all of these inputs thoughtfully and respectfully.

“Second, if I gave the impression that I have already made up my mind on an item before the board meeting that is absolutely not true. While I research every issue thoroughly – in today’s case 258 pages – before the meetings begins, I rely on input from the board, staff and the public at these meetings before I cast my vote,” Gibbons said.

Fayette Commissioner Eric Maxwell.
Fayette Commissioner Eric Maxwell.

Following up on Gibbons’ comment and saying it is a privilege to sit next to him on the dais, Commissioner Eric Maxwell said Gibbons after the previous meeting asked for feedback on his remarks, with Maxwell saying he responded.

“I said, maybe you inarticulately used some words that you should have maybe thought a little bit better to say it. I thought he could have said it a little bit better,” Maxwell said.

With the other commissioners also commenting on Gibbons’ remarks, Commissioner Charles Rousseau added his thoughts.

Fayette County Commissioner Charles Rousseau. File photo.
Fayette County Commissioner Charles Rousseau. File photo.

“Edge, I accept your comments, because I’m a member of this community as well. So, my colleague, I continue to welcome you. These are the things we grow from,” Rousseau said. “I have certainly suffered from foot-in-mouth disease on a number of occasions, but that’s what we grow from.”