‘I vote PTC takes charge of its own destiny’


Dar Thompson essentially has it right about what Peachtree City needs. It goes back to that old saying, “grow or die” or something like that.

PTC has done well with what our founders have accomplished. Yes, I’m a newcomer — only been here 15 years. But one thing stands out — not much has changed. We need to appreciate the old while looking forward to the future. Without vision and change, PTC will end up being just outdated subdivisions. Our kids will grow up, leave, and we will have no new blood.

The easy comment first: TDK Boulevard IS going to expand west. It’s just a matter of who takes the lead, PTC or the DOT. We do not have enough east/west access crossing the city and expansion would help with the 74/54 nightmare. I vote that we take charge of our own destiny.

A city center on or near Lake McIntosh would be a good start to remaking the feel of the city. Yes, keep some of the old but build on a vision of something vibrant and interesting. How many of us have weekends come and go without wondering what might have been interesting to do in town? Or have an interesting place to meet and hang out with friends?

And the tax benefits to the city would be a big bonus. PTC consumers fund many of the businesses just over the county line. Why shouldn’t the city benefit from the tax revenue?

So, the real question is who of our city leaders want to work on growing instead of becoming stagnant? And how are citizens going to get excited about bringing controlled change, growth, improvement, and making the city not just livable but interesting?

R. Mark Rogers
Peachtree City, Ga.