Hey, Peachtree City, stay out of Coweta


I was incensed to read the recent letter from Dar Thompson suggesting that Peachtree City invade Coweta County because he believes that the city has mismanaged its great experiment of creating a planned live, work, play community.

Mr. Thompson, PTC has had nearly 60 years to get it right and the decisions made are now what you must live with.

The folks who live in eastern Coweta could very well have chosen PTC, but didn’t. How dare you suggest, with your self-righteous power grab, that you know better than the great unwashed masses who don’t live in your overbearing nanny state of a city.

You used a variation of the word “control” at least seven times in your letter, and I think that perfectly illustrates my problem with your suggestion.

Thank goodness you did not win the mayoral election. I truly hope that the actual leadership of PTC does not share in your perceived divine right to take over someone else’s property in an apparent lust for power and money.

I usually enjoy my visits into PTC, but would never choose to live in a city where the government dictates the actions of homeowners to the extent they are in PTC. Therefore, I certainly would not want to be taken over after the fact.

You referenced not having a good mix of commercial, industrial and housing, yet I see several vibrant shopping, entertainment, and dining areas in the city. There also seems to be a healthy mix of small business to go along with the large industry.

If you think that housing has been overbuilt, maybe the city could buy back some of the subdivisions and start over to create your new and better vision.

The Citizen recently ran an article referencing the approval of the city council to build houses on the last 6.5 acres available in the northwestern part of the city. If these decisions are wrong, then work toward stopping these wrong decisions. Don’t try to take land you are not entitled to, in order to try again.

Another recent article in The Citizen highlighted a study showing that the vast majority of PTC residents do not live and work in the city. It seems that somewhere along the way, the city decided it preferred McMansions and higher income residents rather than housing which was affordable for the folks who worked at the industries brought in over the years.

Maybe you should kick out some of the manufacturing and try to bring in businesses which would be more attractive to the residents you have chosen to attract.

I happen to agree that the TDK extension might yield a benefit to the 54/74 intersection, but as I recall it was PTC who resisted the extension several years ago. Your ever-increasing traffic has already lowered the quality of life for your own residents as well as your neighbors on all sides.

I’m not sure how annexation laws might affect this suggestion of yours, but I know wrong when I see it and PTC annexing into Coweta is absolutely wrong.

Stay in your own borders and figure out how to fix your problems without trying to take over what is not rightfully yours.

Greg Cox
Sharpsburg, Ga.