Tropical storm clean-up begins in PTC


The clean-up after Tropical Storm Irma has begun in Peachtree City.

“Peachtree City is alive with the sound of chainsaws and leaf blowers working on the debris from Tropical Storm Irma,” said City Clerk Betsy Tyler. ” According to the National Weather Service, Peachtree City received over 4” of rain yesterday, and saw wind gusts up to 48 miles per hour. While we were very fortunate that less than 15 homes were hit by trees, our 26 square mile city is still a bit of a mess, and that will take some time to clean up.”

Tyler said during the storm on Monday, the Peachtree City Police, Fire, Public Works and Grounds Crews responded to 93 calls, 58 of which were about trees blocking roadways and paths.  Crews responded to 14 homes hit or threatened by falling/leaning trees, and 16 calls for downed power lines or lines with trees leaning on them.  In addition, Public works has received another 38 “after the storm” calls for service today.

“Realistically, it will take some time to clean up all the storm debris,” Tyler said. “Here is how the city’s response to Irma will continue during that time.”

Priority 1 – Streets. The first priority for city crews is ensuring that roads are clear and the rights-of-way are safe. The city has 184 miles of streets, and most are lined with trees. Trees that are still standing but damaged or leaning must also be addressed.

Priority 2 – Paths. The second priority for city crews will be the Peachtree City’s 100 miles of paths, which are also tree-lined. Removal of trees and limbs blocking paths should begin later this week, and then crews will then begin addressing leaning trees that could fall and block paths in the future.

Priority 3 – Everything Else. After the streets and paths are clear, crews will address the city’s 400 acres of parks and may be able to assist with trees that have fallen from a city greenbelt or right-of-way onto private property. However, this will take time. Residents are encouraged to have tree companies already coming to their property to address any segments of city trees that may have fallen on their property to avoid long waits. Please see the list of approved tree companies at

Please remember that, while the city’s public works crews are focused on storm debris removal, they are not completing other regular duties, such as landscape maintenance, such as cart path resurfacing.

You can Help!

Any assistance that residents with rakes or blowers can provide on the smaller debris on neighborhood streets and paths near their homes is appreciated and will help crews get back to their regular duties more quickly. If you can help, thank you! One note: Please do not put storm debris in storm drains or drainage culverts – this will cause unnecessary flooding next time.

For residents

Property Damage – if you had damage to your property from a tree on your own property, a neighbor’s property, or city property, please contact your insurer.

Fallen trees – Please contact an approved tree removal company to address fallen trees on private property. No tree removal permit is needed for damaged trees – information and the approved tree service list are available at

Storm debris –

  • Most residential sanitation companies offer a yard debris option.  Please contact your provider.
  • The Peachtree City Recycling Center is open all day, today through Saturday, to accept storm debris.
  • Outdoor burn permits will be available beginning Oct. 1 to help get rid of storm debris. Check see if burning is allowed (based on weather conditions) on any specific day on or after Oct. 1.
  • Please do not put storm debris in storm drains or drainage culverts – this will cause unnecessary flooding next time.