Vehicles break-ins reported in PTC



Peachtree City during the period of May 18-24 had four entering auto incidents and the passing of two counterfeit $100 bills in area businesses.

Three of the entering auto incidents occurred at the Line Creek Nature Area May 18 and were reported at approximately 7:30 p.m., according to Peachtree City police reports.

One of the vehicles was reported to have been unlocked and a wallet stolen, while another vehicle had a purse stolen. A third vehicle had a forced entry through the passenger side window, with two purses and other items stolen, reports said.

Officers at the scene reported that items stolen from another entering auto incident were found in a nearby trash can.

An entering auto incident occurred on Commerce Drive on May 22. Reports said an unknown male with tattoos on his face tricked staff into cutting the lock of the victim’s locker. The man removed the car keys and entered the vehicle. It was not known if items were stolen, said reports.

Police reports for May 22 noted that one or more people had passed counterfeit $100 bills at area businesses.

A customer at two businesses near Ga. highways 74 and 85 passed a counterfeit $100 while making a purchase. The transactions at the two stores were conducted only 17 minutes apart, according to reports.