My call to Millennials


Dear Millennials,

A lot has been said about you in the past several months here in Fayette County. Yes, we want you, who grew up here, to come back to live and raise your family. Yes, we want you, who did not grow up here, to come and find your home and your happiness here. Yes, we want you to know your importance in the economic life of this community. Yes, we want you to know that your knowledge and expertise are welcome here. All of that is true.

But there is a call I have for you that is far more important than any of those statements. My call for you emphasizes your value and your importance to a far greater degree. My call for you is of the utmost serious and urgent nature. My call for you is to “Keep The Faith” and “Pass It On” to your children.

And by “The Faith” I mean your Christian faith, which tells you everything you need to know about the true meaning of your life and how to fulfill your purpose here on this earth. And your purpose is to glorify God by putting your trust in Jesus Christ for all things here and in eternity. And then living your life for Him in the way He wants you to live, which is the only path to your true happiness and contentment. Nothing else can accomplish the “good life” you seek except your relationship with God and His Son Jesus. And don’t forget, His Holy Spirit is alive and well and working in you to make all this happen in you.

This is all true for all Christians, whether you are Baptist, Methodist, Roman Catholic, Pentecostal, Lutheran, Presbyterian, independent, etc., etc. And this is “The Faith” which has been passed on from generation to generation, and was passed on to you by your parents and your family and the churches in which you grew up.

Here’s my point: “The Faith” has been passed on to you not so that you have it in your childhood and then “let it slide.” Rather, it has been passed to you so that you become the faithful vessel through which it is passed on even stronger to your children. That’s how it’s been since Jesus gave “The Faith” to Peter and the disciples and to Paul. They then passed it on, by the power of The Holy Spirit, to their own families and to others. Paul even travelled the world to pass the true faith to pagans and unbelievers so they could believe and pass it on. Most of us are in this line.

So, dear Millennials, these are your busy years of career and marriage and family and all that entails. You are smart. You are advanced in your use of technology. You are steeped in information and social interaction. But please don’t forget or neglect both to “Keep The Faith” and “Pass It On” to your children. Nothing in your life is more important than this. Nothing.

I think of you and pray for you when I hear what Muslim extremists are teaching their children. I think of you and pray for you when I think about a possible future world taken over and run by Muslim terrorists and their laws and ways. I think of you and pray for you when I see our American culture trying to push our Christian way of life to the fringes of our society. I think of you and pray for you when I see our Judeo-Christian values being diminished and dismissed in our laws and in our schools.

I’m not trying to be some grumpy old man who says “The sky is falling” and the country’s “going to heck in a handbasket.” But I do see signs of diminished participation and diminished Christian living and practice in your Millennial generation. I hope that’s not true of you. But it might be. You know whether it is or not.

If it is true that you have let your faith “slide,” then resolve to re-claim it and get back to living it in full force. If you’re not a member of a church, find the best one for you and your family and join, and participate, and lead. God will help you and lead and guide you.

And whatever you do, “Teach Your Children Well.” Make sure they know Jesus and His love for them. Use every resource available to you. Tell the Bible Stories. Sing the songs. Take them to Sunday School and church and Vacation Bible School. Put them into your church’s children’s ministry programs and see to it that they get there every time. Remember, they can’t drive themselves.

It is true when said, “The Faith is not taught. It is caught.” Your kids will really only get it if they catch it from you. That’s a big responsibility, but God will help you.

I’ve said this before, “Let’s not be the last disciples.” No. We will not. We shall not. You’ll see to that. Bless you. And thank you. If I can help you, let me know.

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