FCDFES now on Facebook


The Fayette County Department of Fire and Emergency Services has recently launched its own Facebook page, designed to highlight the department, its people, its accomplishments, and its service to the community.

“The use of Facebook to reach online followers is an additional component of the department’s mission of service,” according to a statement.

The Facebook page will be used for a number of important functions. It will provide information about programs offered through the department, like fire safety education. It will offer safety information that is relevant to everyday life, like reinforcing the value of seatbelts. It will provide a window into the activities of the department, like significant events that we respond to in Fayette County. It will serve to alert the public of potential hazards, like inclement weather. The department’s online presence will accomplish these goals and more as the page grows and evolves.

If you are interested in following the new page, log onto your Facebook and search for “Fayette County Department of Fire and Emergency Services”. Click that you “like” the page and its information will show up on your news feed.