Voluntary safety surveys Aug. 15


The Residential Safety Program, or RSP, is a voluntary solution to help homeowners prevent fires. Peachtree City Fire Rescue is offering free in-home fire safety assessments; free smoke alarm upgrades and installations; one-on-one fire safety consultations specific to the residence; and a connection with our partners to assist with fire safety issues.

The RSP is starting with neighborhoods in Peachtree City that have historically had the highest number of fires. To qualify for the program, participants must reside within the city, be homeowners or tenants of the dwelling in question, and must be present and allow access to the home to conduct the survey.

The following streets will be serviced Aug. 15: Sweetgum Road, Charter Oak Court, Butternut Lane, Boxwood Court, Cypress Court, Acorn Street, Briarwood Court, Bluebell Court, Catalba Court, Wildwood Court.

Homeowners can ensure their safety by scheduling an appointment. For more information on this program and other fire safety information, contact assistant fire marshal Jeff Felmet at 770-631-2091 or jfelmet@peachtree-city.org.