Traffic accident with no serious injuries stalls traffic on Hwy. 54 East in PTC


A two-car accident at Ga. Highway 54 and Flat Creek Road on Monday afternoon in Peachtree City resulted in an overturned vehicle but no serious injuries.

The accident occurred before 5 p.m. and roadways were open by 6 p.m., according to the Peachtree City Police Dept.

Police said there were no serious injuries in the accident which had police, ambulance crews and firefighters at the scene.

The accident involved a passenger car and a pick-up truck. The Prius was in the right turn lane of westbound Hwy. 54 indicating a turn onto Flat Creek. The pick-up was in the eastbound turn lane, also preparing to turn onto Flat Creek, said department spokesperson Odilia Bergh.

The driver of the truck, who had the right of way, proceeded to turn onto Flat Creek while the driver of the Prius decided to continue heading westbound rather than making the right onto Flat Cree, Bergh said. The Prius then entered the through-lane and struck the truck as it attempted the left turn, flipping it upside down in the intersection.

Bergh said the driver of the Prius was cited.