The Silver Comet needs a van


The Silver Comet, self-described as an alternative rock band with a bit of Pop/Soul, has only been performing together as a band for 15 months. When the invite came to go out on the Vans Warped Tour this summer they were shocked and delighted, later realizing that they were going to need some resources to make their rock and roll dreams come true. Mainly some money and a van.

The band members, including Sandy Creek High School graduates Parry Kitt (lead vocals) and Ben McBride (lead guitar), as well as Jo Jo Carroll (rhythm, vocals), Dustin Williams (bass) and Philip Shuford (drums), are all working hard at day jobs, in some cases more than one, to keep filling up the coffers. They are also performing the last show they can contractually do in the Atlanta area before the Warped Tour, at Conrad’s (273 Commerce Dr.) in Peachtree City this Saturday night.

All proceeds will go toward The Silver Comet Warped Tour Fund.

The Silver Comet has two EPs out – House of Music and My Fear of Flying. They have played in numerous clubs around Atlanta and have also had performances in Hollywood, Fla. and Tennessee. This will be the band’s first tour and they are excited to get things started.

“We are the epitome of starving artists,” said McBride. “We realized a lot of money is involved in touring and we’re working our butts off to raise money for the tour.”

Being a part of the Vans Warped Tour, which spans 42 cities and performs before hundreds of thousands of people each summer, will bring exposure that most bands only dream about.

“We realize we’re super blessed and we’re going to keep working,” said Kitt.

The show at Conrad’s will be a big night for the band as they will get to perform for a lot of their local fans.

“It’s a great venue with a really good sound system,” Kitt said.

The doors will open at 7 p.m. and the suggested donation is $10.

If you can’t make the show but are interested in learning more about The Silver Comet and donating to their Warped Tour fund, visit