Huddleston Elementary home to published poets


For the fifth year in a row, Huddleston second grade enrichment students have been selected to have their original poems published in Creative Communication’s annual poetry contest. The contest accepts thousands of entries each year. The company’s mission is to publish high merit poems to create a record of what is important to today’s students and to reflect the perspective of these students.

Lisa Evans, enrichment teacher at Huddleston, has entered her students’ work for the past five years. The company sent a letter of commendation to Ms. Evans and her students for their high-quality entries for the K-3 level. She says that the recognition and encouragement that students receive from having their work published could last for a lifetime! Past students who’ve had their work published continue to express themselves creatively by writing poetry. Students have returned to her and said that they were able to go through difficult times more easily by using writing as an outlet for expression. Other students have been able to demonstrate their learning by writing poems of a variety of topics.

Huddleston will receive a special recognition anthology in the fall for having continued success in the contest. Two students, Elizabeth Wilson and Lukas Gharapetian, received top honors for their poem. Other students will have their work published as well. The students include Tommy Bennett, Nicholas Bradley, Thomson Cummings, Camille Ford, Nico Herrera, John Huffstutler, Grace Keirn, Kennedi Malone, Carter McCabe, Jack Mills, Hannah Moore (not pictured), Ryan Mowry, Reid Robertson, Cole Sanford, and Liam Wilson. Photo/Special.