Authors appear at PTC library, Jan. 15


The Friends of the Peachtree City Library association is pleased to announce that Carole Marsh and Steven Haner will read from and discuss their books Saturday, Jan. 15 at 1 p.m. Following the program the authors will sign copies of their books and refreshments will be served. The public is invited to attend.

Marsh is the founder of Peachtree City’s Gallopade International and the author of the immensely popular Carole Marsh Mysteries, including “America’s National Mystery Book Series,” “Around the World in 80 Mysteries,” and “Masters of Disasters.” All of Carole’s mysteries not only provide entertainment and encourage reading, but also educate by targeting SAT vocabulary and including an Accelerated Reader Quiz. Her “State Stuff” brings the United States to life with books such as the “Jography of North Carolina” and the “Georgia Puzzle Book.” She addresses contemporary issues in “The Poor Little Pelican,” drawn from the aftermath of the Gulf oil spill. Her non-fiction books include her Students Civil War Series, the Native American Heritage series, , “Little Linguistics,” and the African-American Heritage collection, “Black Jazz, Pizzazz, and Razmatazz.”

Marsh relates that after being born, the next significant event in her life was receiving a library card and trying to read all the books in the Children’s Section of the library.

Her first writing experience was a newspaper article. Some years later she decided to write a book and only a year later her first book, “The Missing Head Mystery” was ready. Marsh elected to self-publish and Gallopade International was born. Since then, she has written and published thousands of books.

Marsh and husband, Bob, make their home in Peachtree City. Her children Michael and Michelle, manage Gallopade and are also local residents.

Drawn from the wreckage of the author’s shattered dreams, Haner’s “The Picture” leads through light and shadow to discover the message inside the mess…a message for every troubled heart:Hidden in plain view, the Hand of Providence weaves a golden thread of redemption that leads to the door of discovery and wonder. Into our hand, He places the key.

The inspiration that compelled Haner to write “The Picture” occurred some twenty years ago, when horror and wonder visited his sister. She suffered the loss of her first child at the end of term, but then gave birth to triplet boys before the year had passed. The dichotomy of feelings created by these events hammered Steven. Were “reason and rhyme” players in these events? Or was it simply a “quirk of fate”? Though he looked for and found no answer in reason, it was rhyme that helped him tell the tale, and a beautiful story began to unfold.

As a child, Haner discovered an artistic talent that has remained with him through the twists and turns of his life, serving him well in a variety of endeavors. Leaving college early to pursue the lofty promises of a spiritual calling, he found instead, a wife, and the lesson that lofty promises come to those who turn their heart toward the lessons of love. Twenty-nine years of marriage and four children provided the opportunity—God provided the grace. It’s the ‘light and shadow’ inside his new book, “The Picture”.

Haner resides in Coweta County with his wife, Sandi, two of their four children, James and Kristin, their charge, Marius Cox, and miniature dachshund, Cassie.