Tax is not real issue; it’s how taxes are spent


Nobody likes to pay taxes, especially me. However, has everyone forgotten what pays for schools, highways, parks and other things that we enjoy provided by the government? In case you don’t remember, it is TAX! However, unless we control how our tax is spent, we are obligated to pay way more than is necessary.

Today, almost everyone demands tax cuts and less spending. However, the roads and bridges keep wearing out. This could be cured by raising tax on gas and automobiles.

Education costs are being cut because there isn’t enough money to pay the teachers. We sure have money to spend but is it spent wisely? Why do we need five assistant principals at one high school? (Sounds like empire building to me.)

Why is it necessary to spend mega bucks for a football stadium? (How does this fit into the educating our student body?) Why do we need medical facilities in school? (This is nice to have but not necessary.) Raising school tax on property owners would be a start.

Why do we constantly want to implement a SPLOST to finance a golf cart bridge that will benefit only a few or to pay for more education? Wake up, people, and start thinking.

Golf carts are not a primary mode of transportation for the population of Peachtree City. They provide transportation to the mass population of McIntosh High School who don’t want to ride the county school busses and those who frequent the golf course.

If we need more money for golf cart transportation needs, how about implementing a user tax on golf carts? (The Tea [Partiers] will just love this.) We need to think more about education than a golf cart bridge.

Many will disagree with me. However, as I said in a previous letter, there is no such thing as a free lunch. Some things need to be said.

Larry Robinson

Peachtree City, Ga.