Fayette gets its own linear accelerator


If your physician tells you that you have cancer, you can rely on two things, your faith and the fact that there is a linear accelerator as close as the Piedmont Fayette Hospital.

It is a high tech machine that delivers very precise radiation treatments. It will automatically determine the density of the cancer cell, and automatically determine the exact amount of radiation therapy needed.

The Piedmont Fayette Hospital Cancer Center is a state-of-the-art treatment center that offers one of the most progressive approaches to cancer care available in our community. You no longer have to travel to get the advanced medicine and personal attention you need to fight cancer.

The room it is in was built just for the unit. All four walls, ceiling and floor are from four to eight inches of solid concrete. The six-inch wide solid lead door weighs in at 7,100 pounds and is fastened by only two hinges. The room has cameras that reflect what is being recorded and sends this information to the nurse’s station nearby.

The linear accelerator is expected to become available by the end of June.

The Cancer Wellness Center is destined to help you through your wellness process by providing nutrition workshops, stress reduction an exercise program, a spirituality and cancer support group, a women’s cancer support group, a guy’s group, and Supporting Your Loved One Through Cancer counseling program.

When the Wellness Center is completed, it will be three stories of just plain good old fashioned help. It will allow you and your family to cope with cancer in a supportive environment designed to promote healing, reflection, learning and living a quality life as a cancer survivor.

It will comprise approximately 3,500 square feet, with all services provided free of charge. It will be available to anyone affected by cancer in our surrounding community.

We will be explaining more about the Wellness Center in the coming weeks.