Superintendent candidates’ first look at Fayette


Some might say it’s just an informational brochure, but to the potential applicants across America considering the position of Fayette County school superintendent, that brochure is the first look at a system and a community that puts a high value on its public schools.

Approved recently by the Fayette County Board of Education, and after much discussion, the brochure is being disseminated by the Georgia School Board Association (GSBA), hired to head the search to fill the position of long-time Superintendent John DeCotis whose retirement is effective this summer.

Aside from addressing issues such as application timelines, student population, the number of schools and budget information, the brochure gives potential applicants a significant view of the communities of Fayette County.

The brochure also notes the school system’s vision and mission and provides a partial listing of Fayette’s numerous accomplishments.

A GSBA consultant at the outset will work with the school board to establish recruitment criteria and timelines. GSBA will use its database to post the vacancy. The database includes the school board associations of all 50 states.

GSBA will also receive, review and screen applications and will conduct reference checks on the top candidates. The consultant will meet with the school board to review applications and prepare board members for the interview process.

Among other functions GSBA will also moderate the interviews of top candidates. Subsequent to the interviews, the names and biographical information on as many as three finalists, the customary number of applicants deemed potentially acceptable for hire, will be released to the public 14 days before any final decision to make the appointment.