Police reports Mar. 30-Apr. 5


The following arrests were reported by local law enforcement agencies for the past week. All persons are considered innocent until proven guilty:

Fayette County Sheriff’s Office
Tuesday, March 30 – Monday, April 5
Quentonio James Anderson, 22, of Hemlock Way, Jonesboro, for drug law violation.
Nicholas Jermaine Ball, 36, of Lake Ridge Parkway, Riverdale, for burglary (2).
Michael Stewart Hollingsworth, 17, of Lake Point Lane, Fayetteville, for drug law violation.
Samuel Elijah Jackson, 19, of Blum Road, Jackson, for theft by taking (3).
Richard Kachman 65, of Cedar Trail, Jonesboro, for DUI alcohol and hit and run.
Candace Beth McCloskey, 22, of Ga. Highway 85 South, Fayetteville, for suspended license, failure to maintain lane, obstruction and striking fixed object.
Carlos Manuel Ponce, 27, of Winthorpe Trail, Riverdale, for possession of MDMA and possession of marijuana with intent to distribute.
Timothy Wayne Tanner, 41, of Dogden Road, Hampton, for probation violation.
Tara Mae Weingartner, 21, of Penny Creek Drive, Fayetteville, for deposit account fraud.
Anthone Jerome Brown, 45, of Graystone Way, Decatur, for probation violation.
Robert William Cisneros, 20, of West Lane, Fayetteville, for probation violation.
Alexnder Leland Coe, 22, of Asner Ridge Trace, Peachtree City, for probation violation, suspended license, defective equipment and following too close.
James Derrick Collier, 31, of Swint Road, Griffin, for forgery.
James Lee Craig, 21, of Raven Cliff Lane, College Park, for possession of marijuana, unregistered vehicle and tail light violation.
Jerry Lamar Folds, 33, of Point View Court, Tyrone, for failure to appear.
Michael Frank Izzo, 39, of Ridge View Court, Peachtree City, for probation violation.
Daniel Webster McEachern, 49, of Arnold Road, Fayetteville, for deposit account fraud/bad checks.
Matthew Paul Ryan, 50, of Harris Street, Garnby, Mass., for no license and seatbelt violation.
Richard Lewis Shirley, 43, of Appleton Boulevard, Stockbridge, for failure to appear.
Kyle Joseph Stevens, 25, of Woodgate Circle, Fayetteville, for DUI alcohol and reckless driving.
Anthony Jermaine Welsh, 37, of Jerome Road, College Park, for failure to appear.
Tracy Devon Adams, 41, of Candler Road, Decatur, for probation violation.
Antuan Dominque McClain, 24, of Southland Forest Way, Stone Mountain, for probation violation.
Benjamin Nelson Pope, 41, of Palomino Trail, Lawrenceville, for proabtion violation.

Fayetteville Police
Laurie A. Hawkins, 49, of Chicksaw Way, Acworth, for probation violation.
Charlie D. Krischer, 20, of Ga. Highway 54 West, for traffic offense.
Ernest Bolton, 24, of Arrowhead Place, Douglasville, for traffic offenses (3).
Tashanda Lanea Shelton, 32, of Madison Circle, Union City, for 1st degree forgery.
Craig Lynn Buck, 37, of Cedar Creek Ridge, Riverdale, for traffic offenses (3).
Jose Santos Rodriguez-Arita, 48, of Briar Lane, Forest Park, for traffic offense.
Jemiere Akeem Hampton, 19, of Knight Way, Fayetteville, for disorderly conduct.
Joshua Ryan Johnson, 29, of Knight Way, Fayetteville, for disorderly conduct.
Danny Hubert Skipper, 28, of Trader Road, Labelle, for traffic offenses (2).
Keaton Koech Howson, 19, of Hedgerow Trail, Fayetteville, for shoplifting.
Gillian Rodriguez, 29, of Thomas Road, Jonesboro, for traffic offense.
Robert Keita Mills, 19, of Greenfield Circle, Fayetteville, for possession of alcohol by a minor and less than an ounce of marijuana.
John Tyler Cable, 17, of Knight Way, Fayetteville, for less than an ounce of marijuana.
juvenile, 15, Fayetteville, for less than an ounce fo marijuana.
Michael Anthony Strickland, 19, of Ga. Highway 85 South, Fayetteville, for wanted person (Woodstock and Cherokee County).
Gary Anglo Hines, 39, of New Hope Road, Locust Grove, for DUI alcohol and traffic offenses (2).
Arthur Lewis Hines, 54, of Markone Street, Atlanta, for wanted person (Newton County).
juvenile, 16, Fayetteville, for giving false name/DOB/address.
Janis Miles, 37, of Virginia Highlands, Fayetteville, for aggravated assault with a knife.
Warren B. Doyle, 40, of Piedmont Avenue, Atlanta, for DUI alcohol, DUI less safe and traffic offenses (2).
juvenile, 16, Riverdale, for curfew violation.
Carlo Santana Rhodes, 19, of Meadowbrook Court, Fayetteville, for less than an ounce of marijuana, traffic offense and interfering with police.
Crystal Lynn McMath, 41, of Hania Court, Fairburn, for traffic offense.
Juan Carlos, 32, of Roosevelt Highway, College Park, for traffic offenses (3).

Peachtree City Police
Marcos R. Serrano, 24, of Peachtree, Peachtree City, for no license and prohibited lighting.
Jamesha Deanna Russell, 41, of Webbb Road, Riverdale, for burglary (2 counts).
Jacqueline Ann McCray, 43, of Webb Road, Riverdale, for burglary (2 counts).
James Allen Hunt, 42, of Webb Road, Riverdale, for burglary (2 counts).
George D. Williams, 66, of Wendell Drive, Atlanta, for criminal attempt theft by deception.
Adam Donovan Perkins, 26, of Anthony Drive, Newnan, for suspended license and seatbelt violation.
Richard W. McWilliams, 53, of Lynn Drive, Fayetteville, for DUI and aggressive driving.
Marysol Rosales, 39, Fairburn, for shoplifting.
Abilene Perez, 18, Fayetteville, for shoplifting.
Cheryl Diane Speights, 57, of Silver Hill Road, Stone Mountain, for failure to appear.
Lori A. Hill-McLean, 42, Newnan, suspended license and too fast for conditions.
William R. Rogers, 30, of Meadow Brook Court, Fayetteville, for battery and terroristic threats.
Allison Louise Avillo, 17, of Chambray Hills, Peachtree City, for DUI drugs.
Kristopher Peace, 31, of Rockspray Ridge, Peachtree City, for DUI (accident) and failure to maintain lane.
Parker Cleveland, of Pinegate, Peachtree City, for drunk and disorderly.
Joesph Summerville, 27, of Kelley Lake Drive, Decatur, for probation violation.
Martha Wilson, 58, of Azela Place, Carrollton, for 1st degree forgery.
Holly Kendzierski, 23, of Short Road, Fairburn, for traffic control device violation and DUI alcohol.
Maria Erika Cuevas-Lara, 22, of Peachtree Station Circle, Peachtree City, for move over law violation and no license.